A sichuan-tibet line, and a dream only empty shell, will not be the same.

During the journey, you can not only have a comprehensive understanding of famous mountains and rivers, experience folk customs, but also enhance the relationship with friends.

The road trip is beautiful, but also full of unknown and dangerous roads. The weather is uncertain, the road condition is uncertain, the automobile highland driving performance is uncertain…

Therefore, we need to know the eight golden rules:

May to August is the best season to visit Tibet, but don’t think this is a golden rule.

From may to August, it is the season when the climate warms up and the grasslands bloom. It is also the season when the ice of the lake shows its true color. The temperature is basically below 25° in the day and around 10° in the evening, so the temperature is appropriate.

In the rainy season from July to August, there are 10 mountains with an altitude of 4,000 meters. There are more than one winding road, such as the 72nd turning of the nu river.

Do not take a distance to say, just say in recent days of bomi – linzhi section, because of the mudslide jam, the majority of self-driving tourists caused trouble.

What about winter travel to Tibet?

Winter, thousands of miles of ice, thousands of miles of snow piao, a solemn, food supply of the out-of-town shop owners go home for the Spring Festival, the richness of food will be greatly discounted.

Although admission is half price or free and accommodation is half price, there are not many tourists to go and the journey will be lonely.

In the spring?

In spring, the peach blossoms in nyingchi blossom and the peach blossoms in the snowy mountains, but in other places, the grass is bare and barren, like the hair on a man’s forehead.

The climate is warming, but it’s still cold. That’s why tickets on the sichuan-tibet line are half off or even free. The discount will last from November to early April.

Personally, sichuan-tibet line each season has the beauty of each season, but it is also accompanied by such and such unsatisfactory, when the climate is good with the rainy season, when the climate is bad can enjoy the greatest discounts.

Autumn, September to October, is the best season for travelling to Tibet. But the richness of the landscape is, comparatively speaking, less beautiful than that of may-august.

Choose what season to go into Tibet, will bear such and such unpleasant. Because god gave sichuan Tibetan line beauty at the same time, also gave defects.

2. Don’t travel on an economical basis.

Drive sichuan Tibet, just the mileage, there are more than 2000 kilometers, the car fuel costs on the cost of more than 2000 yuan (according to one kilometer cost 1 yuan fuel costs to calculate).

And have a meal, nonlocal boss is in the majority, come from sichuan, chongqing most, so, you can eat the sichuan food of flavour ba shi completely. But the price of special dishes is on the high side, because it is not convenient to transport the goods.

From sichuan to yajiang area, the price is normal, from yajiang, will slowly feel expensive (yashu expensive).

Accommodation costs cheap low to dozens of blocks, the middle of 300 yuan or so, high-grade 600 yuan or more, how much the main difference in the cost of accommodation costs.

3. do not hold the idea of energetic, not tired.

Someone went into Tibet, saw the beautiful scenery, did not stretch, the mileage is too long, fatigue driving accident.

Some people feel that they have to jump, express the joy of being close to nature, jump too much, play too crazy, and have high reverse.

4. Don’t think about it.

Some people think that the sichuan-tibet line is a “visit here” and then leave. Therefore, I have nothing to do with the ecology and environmental protection here.

In case you didn’t know, 140 tons of rubbish have been left on mount Everest since the 1950s, and it will take at least a decade to clean it up.

Natural beauty is the gift of heaven and earth, everyone should wait for this snow paradise.

5. Don’t think you can go everywhere.

Shannan, xigaze, nyingchi and ali parts of the region, the need for border clearance.

Border clearance is the most convenient and cheapest place to apply. Travel agents save trouble, but they are also relatively expensive and can sometimes get ripped off.

If it is to go to the sheep lake and other routine, is not necessary to deal with, in-depth travel needs.

Don’t assume that any car can go into hiding.

Although netizens are saying that the road conditions are getting better, cars can drive. But I still recommend choosing a high-chassis, high-powered SUV or off-road, especially during the rainy season.

Other seasons, you choose any car to hide, I do not speak.

7, do not hold the car performance is good, do not check the idea.

You need to bring:

the latest version of the map.

vehicle tools. Including tire repair tools, jack, car – mounted air pump, anti – skid chain, flashlight, etc.

It’s best to do a careful check and maintenance at the 4S shop.

Other things you can bring:

camping supplies. Sleeping bags, tents, damp MATS, etc.

cash, cameras, etc.

8. Don’t think about having sex.

Lijiang can romance, sichuan Tibetan line nature can also romance.

However, carrying a romance to travel, as with the scenery to travel.

There are a lot of people, to sichuan Tibet to meet their other partner, and get married. These people are happy because they are congenial to each other. Their bond, initially because of the scenery, not at the beginning of the “erotic encounter.”