From the plain to the western sichuan plateau, the scenery is different along the way.

The plain is graceful and beautiful, like the qinhuai river in the oar sound and lamplight;

And the high principle is the clang of the horse’s hoofs, like men strong gas full cry.

In six days, you can drive a moonlike bay.

Moon bay used to be a beautiful, no-charge prairie spot, with a particularly stunning sunset.

It is named “moon bay” because it is shaped like the moon, and the river and grassland cut into gentle curves. The no-charge attraction used to attract photographers.

Buy a bowl of yoghurt, the kind of yoghurt that filled a large basin with pottery and porcelain bowl, dig like gruel to eat, scatter some white sugar, look at sunset, days and earth seem to remain the breath of grassland.

Now moon bay in hongyuan has started charging fees. Day and night especially cold, pay attention to dressing to go.

D1: chongqing — wenchuan, live wenchuan.

D2: wenchuan — ruoergai, live by the lake, swim the lake.

D3: ruoergai — chuan ju si —- tang ke, swim the first bay of the Yellow River, live in tang ke.

D4: tonk — chongqing.

Six days, you can drive the damba, four girls mountain

Danbajia Tibetan village has a very pastoral atmosphere. Even in summer, it is still cool and the temperature is around 22°.

Each village has white spires on the four corners of its roof, which bloom demurely like lotus petals. Some of the spires were adorned with wind-horse flags.

Spring and autumn are the most beautiful here. Spring pear, peach alternate with, a rural spring; And autumn, color forest flutters, like fairy tale kingdom. Jia zang zhai went in, suggested in the stargazing platform at night to see the stars, the summer stars, is not seen in the city.

After the mountains of shu – siguniang mountain has been able to play the level of appearance, its scenery, the beauty of the holy snow mountain and the hardships of walking.

The road to siguniang mountain is winding and there are many lorries, so be careful when driving. Hiked haizi ditch, to be prepared for possible altitude sickness, backpack pack, more water and dry food, sell less along the way.

D1: chengdu — ya ‘an — jiajinshan — rilong

D2: siguniang mountain — middle road — damba

D3: tamba — jinchuan

D4: jinchuan — jia ju Tibetan village

D5: jia ju — danba — luding — Erlang mountain — ya ‘an — chengdu

Six days, you can drive lotus sea, ya jia ridge red stone beach

Lianhua sea is a place that requires hiking up the mountain. Few people go there.

All over the primeval forest and wild mountain fungus. Lotus sea is also called lotus sea, water clarity, picturesque reflection.

From chengdu to ya ‘an, kangding, over the mountains, to vaze, and then along the jiagan dam, sade, pusharong below this section of road, arrived at the lotus sea moon bay, once selected as “sichuan 100 most beautiful scenery shooting places”.

However, only kangding map has this place, nothing else.

In the area of vaze, kagen dam, shad and poussarong, the roads used to be bad. I don’t know how they are now.

Ya jia geng red stone beach, is the movie “painting the wall”, here is another kind of strange stone scenery.

Not only can you see the towering snow mountains, but also can see the bright red stone.

D1: chengdu — ya ‘an — kangding

D2: kangding — polymountain — vaze — kagen dam — shad — pousarong — moon bay

D3: moon bay – lotus sea – moon bay – pusharong – sade – jiagen dam – vaze – xindu bridge

D4: xindu bridge — tagong grassland — polymountain — kangding

D5: kangding – ya jia ridge – kangding

D6: kangding — ya ‘an — chengdu