Tibet, people often say: that is a mysterious and remote place. In fact, it may be the distance in your eyes, but also can become the holy land in your heart. Anyway, it is mysterious and beautiful amorous feelings, let a person heart gallop.

In 2019, we will set foot on the pure land of Tibet. Not for spectacular scenery, not for boiled buttered tea, only to realize the dream of Tibet in 2018 did not come true! Below to bring you a tour guide xizang!

1. Route to Tibet

Sichuan-tibet line: the most beautiful highway, take the sichuan-tibet line don’t be afraid of mountain reaction, most areas of the sichuan-tibet line vegetation rich forest cover, so don’t worry too much because of hypoxia and bring mountain reaction. There is no shortage of food and drink on the sichuan-tibet route, which is the most popular route among the counties and towns along the route into Tibet. In addition to a variety of home dishes, there are a lot of game along the way, you can eat all the way.

Yunnan – Tibet line: a journey of ten thousand kinds of amorous feelings. The yunnan – Tibet line starts from Dali in yunnan in the south and reaches mangkang in Tibet in the north.

Qinghai-tibet line: qinghai-tibet road is asphalt road, open to traffic all the year round, is the busiest of the four Tibet line road, a lot of I say Tibet difficult, in fact, take qinghai-tibet line drive a xiali can go to Lhasa to play a trip. But because the speed is fast, driver fatigue, traffic accidents are also the most, so take qingzang line should be more careful. There are a lot of wild animals along the qingzang line. It is very convenient for eating and refueling. Along the way, there are many accommodation spots. Most of the restaurants are noodle shops run by hui friends.

New Tibet route: the new Tibet highway is the most difficult compared with the other three routes into Tibet. Refueling on the xinzang line is usually purchased from private restaurants at a high price of 12-15/ liter. Sometimes, people will only sell it to you after asking for it. The price is no longer very important, which is the feature of ali.

2. Xizang cuisine

Lhasa has the best food and accommodation in Tibet. The restaurant serves Tibetan and sichuan dishes, as well as nepalese and Indian dishes.

The streets of Lhasa are full of Tibetan restaurants and sweet tea houses. Very suggest everybody tries, look for a roadside sweet teahouse, 3 or 5 friends sit down to chat together, experience the most pure Tibetan culture breath.

3. Tibetan dishes have Fried mutton chop, dried meat, milk dregs cake, ginseng fruit cake, Fried beef, spicy tripe, enema, filling lung, stewed mutton, stewed sheep first class. Staple food is butter zanba, milk residue steamed stuffed bun, Tibetan steamed stuffed bun, Tibetan dumplings, noodles, Fried fruit. Snack cate has his distinctive flavour, differ greatly with outback, the word that tries is good.

3.Accommodation in xizang

Five-star hotels, shangri-la, st. Regis, intercontinental, from the off-season to peak season 800 to 3000, the economy is not rich recommended to stay in the youth travel, also can make friends with travel friends around. General popular tourist cities have international youth hostels, beds are basically 60 a person, it is easy to make friends with the country’s travel friends, so the hostel will never feel lonely. If the room is full, try a Tibetan family hotel.

Tibet’s tourist attractions small make up not one for everyone recommended, most of the tourist attractions in Tibet are very famous. Someone asked me when is the best time to visit Tibet? In my opinion, however, from the perspective of scenery, xizang has its own characteristics all the year round, mainly depending on your own schedule. Spring can see its “ten miles of peach blossom”; Summer can see its snow melt, wild flowers everywhere; Autumn can see its layers of forest dyed; Winter can see its majestic atmosphere.