Today’s plan is to arrive at poulan hotel. However, not long after we set off, a brother shouted from the car radio: “the car is stuck, the rear wheels have been trapped in half wheels, we need help… “Capstan is very troublesome, but xiaonan, xiaosong work cleanly, three five in addition to two pulled out of the trap, and then quickly pick up the capstan and tools, before and after less than ten minutes. It seems that the ability to travel with such able teammates, is also everyone’s lucky!

Ahead is a big uphill terrain with no grass on the ground. This terrain requires a lot of speed and poses great challenges for driving skills. There is no road around here, so there is not enough distance to accelerate ahead of time. Looking back and forth at the terrain and the space, I kept calculating that if I went uphill, I would definitely not get out, and the possibility of being towed would increase. And the trailer is downhill force, fixed body is not an easy thing; Backward? The surface had been gouged by Lao zhang’s wheels. The sand around it was very loose. Besides, there is little space for parking at the top of the slope, and the car may rush into the mountain gully behind it if the speed is too high.

I forced the scalp on the car, first hung up the forward gear, forward and upward, estimated to move more than a meter, before the tire gouging stopped. I set aside as much distance as possible to get through the soft sand. Then I hung up the reverse gear and let the speed lift through the loose ground. I swung the back of the car in the opposite direction and slammed on the brakes, which was the basic appeal, while leaving the car with a starting platform so it could turn around. After this series of actions, the present brothers and sisters a cheer, know cars do not know the car must be in the heart silently admire, my heart a ecstasy.

It was because of this that I began to feel intimidated. We are all human beings, not gods, and it does matter how much people praise us. Back to the road, is catching up with “rub board road”, the so-called rub board road, is actually no pavement road. Because the earthen nature itself of ali is composed by soil and sand and stone, the ground is quite hard, common ground is repaired simply or the car that goes is road more, time grows, the place that drive a car can become “washboard” the surface is same, plus the ground is broken stone and coarse sand grain, when drive a car, have to be careful all the more. However, at that time, I was still for just “feat” in my mind, coupled with the cause of driving while talking, first caused the speed is too fast, reached 70 km/h, a careless then off the washboard road. The car began to float like it was in the water, and the steering wheel didn’t hold. The situation is urgent under I have to point brake, but the front is a slant, caboose a jilt, the front is blunt under the road shoulder, but caboose stop in the middle of the road, the car a ride on the kerb son, fortunately have a narrow escape.

In the afternoon, it reached the sacred lake, malpung, which is 4,588 meters above sea level. It is one of the highest fresh water lakes in the world. Its deepest point is 81 meters. The early benedictines called it the “malacho”, and legend has it that the bottom of the lake contains many treasures, now renamed the “malachong”, which means “undefeated”. On the opposite side of the holy lake is the namnani peak, which is 7697 meters above sea level.

On the west side of the holy lake there is another lake, called “ghost lake” (laonzo), the lake is dark blue, there are no plants around, there are no cattle and sheep, it seems lifeless, no wonder it is called ghost lake. It is said that at the bottom of the lakes of launtso and malpung are connected by a secret passageway, separated only by a small hill on the top of which one can see both lakes at the same time. I suddenly associate to once read a novel before “left bank pure feeling, right bank faery color”. On the left, the impression of malpung is grand, holy, sacred and serious. And the right side of the laoncou, although the lake blue, crystal lovely, but there are no living things, the lake also no water birds, this kind of beauty, the United States is enchanting and weird, seems to have a little not man-eating taste of fireworks. Curiously, the nearest two points of the lake are separated by only three kilometres, but there is nothing more magical than the sweetness of the lake and the salt of the lake.

When I set off again, I chose the road on the left of the lake to go to pollan. Driving on the 207 provincial highway leading to poulan, the mountains are scattered in the distance, the grass is covered at the foot, the cliff stands on the right side, and the namnani peak looks at each other on the left. The wind outside the window is strong, the clouds are scattered in the sky, the lake is deep blue, and the view from the highlands to the full moon in the shape of the malpung, embracing the namnani peak, a sacred mountain and lake.

When the sun was setting, we were still on the road to pollan. Poulan is located in the peacock valley, flanked by namu abi peak and namu nani snow peak. An abandoned cave dwelling on the loess mountain is said to be a former frontier trade market where Chinese, Indian and nepalese businessmen often conduct business. This is the first time we’ve seen trees since we entered ali. It’s a bit hard to believe. Located in the county seat of planan, which is located at the junction of China, India and Nepal, it is low-lying with an altitude of only about 3,700 meters. It was a green river valley with crops and yard houses, which should be part of the peacock valley. High platform below the scattered high and low of the people’s houses smoke curl, the village is surrounded by green farmland, high platform behind the towering Himalayan mountains, the top of the perennial snow, white, towering into the clouds, a group of pastoral scenery on the plateau.

Pram is one of the holy places of Buddhism, and the county seat is located in the kongqiu river (majiangbo) valley between namnani snow peak and abi peak. It is adjacent to Nepal and India, and is surrounded by snow mountains. It has been an important foreign trade channel in the western plateau since ancient times. Each summer nepalese traders enter China with their wares, such as French perfumes and Indian spices, and stop at the “international market” in the area. The sheep and wool are shipped back to Nepal before winter. Here you can see not only the rich pilgrims from Nepal and India, but also the shabby Nepali backpackers and gorgeous Nepali girls.