I have a jug of wine

And drunk on the streets of Lhasa

I am fascinated by Yuhua, I know that dreams are now

Floating up and waking up

End of the world

Lhasa rivers and lakes are cold in winter

More than a cup of belly in the spring

Drinking Danda to Fu Xiao

There are too many stories about Lhasa. At the beginning, Wang Xiaona recommended me to go to Lhasa and also entrusted local friends to entertain me. Someone once said: “The revolution is not a treat for dinner.” In the years when the guests were not busy eating the revolution, China took a detour. Later, some people said: “The problem of food and clothing is the current top priority.” It turns out that Wang Xiaona is right, and the university classmates came to a strange Lhasa. It was a very pleasant thing for the locals to have a meal for Amway, the first for Lhasa. It feels like this meal is really delicious.

The first time I went to the sweet teahouse in Guangming Lane, the boss and I enthusiastically talked about the opening of the Qinghai-Tibet line in 2006.

That day, he and his wife watched TV all day.

Do not want to see the excitement

I saw the hot blue sky, the white clouds, the train passing through Hoh Xil

At the moment when the day passes, the time dial turns to 2017

I have been away from Lhasa for many years.

But the memory still remembers the things the boss told me.

Still very excited inside

I am a travel in Lhasa.

Traditional attractions go to the Potala Palace and Jokhang Temple.

Because I don’t like to travel according to the average person’s mode.

I just like to explore the beauty that others can’t find.

If you want to say my biggest impression of Lhasa

I think the non-Buddala Palace is

Because when I was young, I first knew Tibet because of the Potala Palace.

Know that there is a beautiful royal woman

Not far away with a dowry

Come here and marry the biggest king of the snow plateau

Made a great love

Of course, when I grow up, I find that everything is not what we see.

The fact we see is just the tip of the iceberg.

Many realistic problems are hidden under the iceberg

According to legend, Princess Wencheng’s marriage to Lhasa is not as good as legend.

There are also many things that are clearly impossible to do.

He is the biggest king of the snow plateau

In order to build the magnificent Potala Palace

She left her hometown for love.

Bringing the seeds of civilization to the snowy plateau

Books, silk, culture, and more

After all the real face masks are thrown into the brain, I want to laugh and laugh, I can’t stop, everything in the world is so beautiful.

The so-called: Qin heart and sword into the wine intestines, all the dust can not help

When she wakes up, maybe she starts to miss her family.

I am wondering if the princess will drink green wine to ease the homesickness?

Under the sacred moonlight of the Potala Palace, even the matter of drinking is also different. A bowl of green scorpion is under the temperature of the plateau and the night. Lhasa is a magical place that can turn into a magical, mediocre and wonderful, and then turn the appetite into a drink. Due to the dry climate, barley wine is already part of the lives of Tibetans.

The first wine was never drunk, the second wine was never drunk, and the lover had a cup of respect. Immediately, Yan Yan was drunk in Tibet. “Love Hao Drink” is the symbol of most Tibetan men’s jealousy, heroism and blood. In some areas, when women are pregnant for a certain period of time, they often drink barley wine; when they are sitting on the moon, add brown sugar, ghee, etc. to the wine and drink it. This is a special supplement. In Shigatse and other areas, when the mother goes out to work, move or go out to the door, in order to prevent the child from crying, she feeds the child a few mouthfuls of wine and makes it sleep. It’s no wonder that people in these areas are better able to drink than people from other places. This is starting from the starting line!

Xiaobian Barabala said so many Potala Palace, do you want to see it? No matter what reason you go to the Potala Palace, you must have a cup of barley wine to climb the palace of the Holy Spirit, and you will feel like a hero. He is the essence of Lhasa and the most wanted by everyone who is alone. Where to go, the great Potala Palace