Chengdu, the city has all the elements to make people love, food, beauty, beauty, especially every corner of the city, all its leisurely, optimistic, quiet, prosperous and free and easy unique characteristics, rendering incisively and vividly. Maybe when you leave, you will find that the tourism slogan of chengdu — “a city that comes and doesn’t want to leave” is not a narcissistic boast.

Broad and Narrow Alley

Known as “the most chengdu” place, but also tourists love to linger. This pedestrian street composed of wide lanes, narrow lanes and well lanes is actually an ancient street of the qing dynasty. Although there are many cafes, restaurants and shops today, you can still experience the leisure life of chengdu, such as ear digging, face changing, drinking tea and drinking wine. Wide alley is worth a look is no. 11 hundred years old house – kai lu, inner courtyard teahouse is very quiet, fair prices; The narrow alley is the exhibition area represented by the old chengdu courtyard, where the famous white night bar is located. However, Broad and Narrow Alley is always busy. If you want to find a quiet place, you might as well walk to the north. There are a few deep green side streets, paulowna street, chiji street and little tong Alley, which will make you feel peaceful.


According to Celia’s legend, it was one of the oldest and most commercial streets in the history of west shu. Celia is also a spiritual station to experience romance and leisure, a charming block to experience the culture of The Three Kingdoms and the folk customs of chengdu. Chengdu gathered here all kinds of characteristic snacks, but also every outsider to chengdu must visit scenic spots.

Zhuge Liang Memorial Hall

Zhuge Liang Memorial Hall, the museum is famous at home and abroad of The Three Kingdoms culture the holy land, Zhuge Liang Memorial Hall is the most famous of Zhuge Liang, liu bei si temple Memorial and the only manner, if you are fan of “three kingdoms”, then this will satisfy your thirst for history, voices if don’t want to be disturbed, as far as possible in the morning just best in when opening the door. Chengdu famous jin guan depths – “red wall bamboo shadow” is here, do not forget to take photos to commemorate.

Wenshu derived

Wenshu Monastery is less than 15 minutes away. The fare is 11 yuan. Like most monasteries, Wenshu Monastery is located along the central axis, namely, tianwang temple, guanyin temple, daxiong hall, sutra hall and sutra hall. The Wenshu Monastery is bathed in the warm winter sun. Just take a casual walk. It takes about half an hour to walk around. After a quick walk, we left the temple. After all, we are not buddhists. We will come to the Wenshu Monastery for the main purpose of the numerous local snacks.

Come to chengdu, must come to see the lovely national treasure giant panda. It is not only a research institution of giant panda breeding, but also an ecological park that simulates the habitat of giant pandas in the wild. You can watch the pandas through a fence or a glass window, and if you’re lucky, they can be seen outside, but it’s best to watch them before 9:30 a.m. (9:00-11:00 feeding time). If you are lucky, you can still see the newborn panda cub in the delivery room, but only through the glass, it is very cute. There is a giant panda museum near the gate of the base. You can send postcards with the panda postmark at the panda post office inside. You can also watch some documentaries about pandas at the panda cinema, but it costs an additional 50 yuan. In addition to the giant panda, also can see the black-necked crane, peacock, crane and other small animals, do be friendly and gentle.