If heaven had any shape

It must be purer than daocheng yading

More simple than jiuzhaigou

There are fewer people in Tibet than in tamba

Heaven above, Yu Beng below

In the midst of a walk

Let a person have the dream land of mine world peach land feeling

One that puts your eyes in heaven

Body in hell’s earthly bliss

Yu Beng, Tibetan for sutra

It is named because there is a big rock near the village which looks like a sutra

There is no highway at present

To enter Yu Beng, you need to hike or ride 18 kilometers

Climb the 3,700 meter pass


Yu Beng village is located at the foot of meili snow mountain

Beautiful scenery, simple folk customs, visitors to less

All the way, see the mountains come up in line

See the lancang river rushing away

Look at the ubiquitous prayer flags fluttering in the wind

If you don’t see it

It’s hard to imagine anything so beautiful

At the top of the snowy mountains, snow and wind filled the air

Hiding the secret path to heaven

The ancient ice and snow melt silently

Wash away the dust of the world

It’s sparsely populated.

Since ancient times, only one horse and horse post road leads to the outside world

So some people say this is theta

Tao yuanming’s “paradise”

We take off the bright clothes in the city, wrap up in the charge suit, take the climbing stick, with the feet to measure the land, put the body in hell, put the eyes in heaven.

There is a sacred mountain called meili snow mountain

If you love a person, please take him to Yu Beng, where is heaven, pure snow mountain surrounded by clouds, watch them “play” each other, the most simple beauty of the world, but so much.

Flying temple is on the “world’s most beautiful snow mountain” kawagbo peak, and the weather is good to see the merry group of peaks.

There is a small secluded village called Yu Beng

Yu Beng village is a Tibetan village at the foot of shennu peak in meili snow mountain. It is divided into two villages, Yu Beng and xia Yu Beng. The distance is about one kilometer.

The calm and quiet of the village permeates every plant and tree, every animal and every animal.

Here is a good wish, Yu Beng waterfall

Tibetans bathe in the Yu Beng waterfall as a spiritual cleansing exercise. On your way to the Yu Beng waterfall, you will encounter hikers and perhaps monks.

Turn the waterfall under the Yu Beng waterfall, palm in hand, go around the waterfall three times, pray for peace, and then draw a bottle of water to bring back to the right side of the waterfall. This will also be a good experience.

There is a green lake called a glacial lake

Yu Beng glacial lake is a deep green haizi formed by melting glacier water of meili snow mountain. Standing on a hillside beside the glacial lake, the green lake reflects blue sky and white clouds, surrounded by continuous white snow peaks.

Looking at the blue sea hair in a daze, feel the spirit of all things and quiet, watching it from the mountain flowing down, the heart also become quiet.

There is a life called arcadia

The Yu Beng people have maintained a traditional life style of farming and animal husbandry for hundreds of years. The cattle, sheep, mules and horses walking leisurely on the dirt and stone roads all indicate the isolation of the village.

There are no high-rise buildings, only a two-story house built by the villagers of Yu Beng. There is no super mall, only a small shop. The children don’t have the pressure of making up lessons on weekends, only pure smiling faces.

The valley is a deep and shallow undulations of wheat and flower fields ~ mountain all day long in the ears of horse bell ~ beautiful without dust and smoke!

There is a shock, called the stars

The sunset dyed red snow mountain, the village gradually dark down, every family began to smoke, nothing to do, it is better to protect this piece of sunset.

Night, the stars all over the sky began to gradually show the light, shining snow mountains, villages, all the stars in this life hope to have people in love to see.

If it weren’t for the complexity of the world

I really want to make a home here

Wake up your taste buds with a bowl of sweet porridge in the morning

Evening and love the person hand in hand walk under the snow mountain

Time is good, but so it is