Because of its special geological structure, ancient Tibet has formed many high mountain lakes. The sacred lakes that gave birth to the tibetans and the beautiful and holy mountains are all unforgettable. I like picked Tibet is a kind of life, in Lhasa, exempt from all secular, I think we must all love Tibet, perhaps because people heart a kind of implement of holy land yearning, or stimulated people yearn for beautiful, believe in cause and effect, a good frame of mind, Thanksgiving blessings.

There are many places to go to Lhasa. Let me introduce some of them to you. The first is the potala palace. The potala palace is located on the maburi mountain, which is the most spectacular building with the highest altitude in the world. It is also the largest and complete ancient pillbox complex in Tibet. Potala palace is the holy place of Tibetan Buddhism. Every year, there are many pilgrims and tourists. Second, jokhang temple, around a street is to pass on one’s experience of Lhasa’s famous jokhang temple road, out going to the street around the jokhang temple, there are many shops selling souvenirs, there are many famous shops, such as older light tea houses in this street, and there are the famous maggie Amy restaurant in this street, is said to be the author of jia and lovers dating place, sitting on the third floor balcony, can be a distance to the potala palace. During the summer of the dalai lamas, there are a lot of relics and treasures. The courtyard also has more than 300 rooms, which is the most exquisite and largest garden in Tibetan history. Third, barkhor street. Barkhor street is also called barkhor street. In a sense, barkhor street is also the symbol of Lhasa. Barkhor street is located in the old city of Lhasa. It is built around the jokhang temple and is also the oldest street in Lhasa. Fourth stop, sera temple debate sutra: there are many temples in downtown Lhasa, salas debate sutra has been well-known in Tibetan areas, every day from 3 PM to 5 PM until the end.

Tibet has many lakes is also known, for example by harmony fault lake, harmony fault lake as the first of three lakes near, at the same time also is Tibet’s highest freshwater lake, including the meaning of the Tibetan language as “invincible” jasper lake near harmony fault has been called the sacred lake is have two layers of meanings: the first is because the water from snow melt snow and ice, seen as the Buddha give the human the dew; The second reason is that xuanzang, an eminent monk of the tang dynasty, called it the queen mother and the “jade pool on the western sky” in his records of the western regions of the tang dynasty. Namtso lake is the largest of the three great saints, which means “heavenly lake” in Tibetan. It is located in the southeast of northern Tibetan plateau, north of nyenching tanggula mountain, and within the territory of dangxiong county and bango county of Tibet autonomous region. For hundreds of years, devout believers have come here, not for the sake of origin, but for the purpose of teaching scriptures. If they can walk around the lake, they can acquire profound knowledge and supreme virtues, and give up their vices and pains, and finally achieve enlightenment.

Not only that, namtso is also a sacred place in the hearts of many tourists. Yangzhuo lake, referred to as yanghu lake, is about 100 kilometers away from Lhasa, and is also known as the three holy lakes of yumuncuo and maparong lake. It is the largest inland lake in the northern foothills of the Himalayas, boasting the beauty of lakes and mountains and the crown of south Tibet.

There are a lot of people said that this life must go to Tibet, to ask why to go to Tibet, but can not say the reason, you turn over the mountains, the earth quietly, you have a lot of feelings in your heart, the world knows nothing, Tibet is such, a has not met let a person infinite yearning place. However, Tibet will also use its holiness and beauty to tell you that it is charming enough to make you go where you want to go.