When you walk into Tibet, you will find that there are no high-rise buildings, no traffic, no wifi network popularity, so it is not too much to say that you go back to before liberation. Here is expensive, transport materials is very difficult, the conditions here are bitter, there is no five-star hotel you want, here the network is poor, make a phone call may you also all kinds of looking for signals, here the weather is cold, you have to endure the ravages of the cold wind. But in a place where both natural and living conditions are somewhat inferior to those of inland cities, the people who come here have no regrets.

Because there is less pollution and the scenery is beautiful. There is no excessive urban carbon dioxide emissions, no daily industrial waste gas. As we all know, the altitude of Tibet is high, the weather can be said to be very cold, freezing temperatures are common. If the sun doesn’t come out, the snow will probably stay on the road for a long, long time.

But you will see rows of stunted bushes growing persistently, and groups of lovely animals chasing in the wind. The lake, half water and half ice, was exceptionally clear. Accompanied by the Tibetan people’s native sound, listening to the sound of the wind horse flag dancing with the wind, then if the sun suddenly from the clouds, warm shine on your body, smelling the clean air, I think this is probably very happy. Even when you get a tan, even when the sun hides again, you are very happy.

“The sun used to be slow, the cars slow, the mail slow, life only enough to love a person. The locks used to look good, and the keys are exquisite. If you lock them, people will understand.” When electronic information runs rampant in the society, when the fast pace dominates people’s lives, when everything starts to speed up, time here is slow. It’s not that it breaks the rules of time, it’s just that life here allows people to gradually relax and enjoy life. Life here is simple but happy.

Mountains and rivers, Bridges and houses. The life here is less impetuous and more composed. Staggered people, will be very warm in the sun when out to move a small bench to sit together to choose food, chat, smoke, each other way. When people sit together, no matter the familiar face or the new face, chat chat lively up, have chat not chat all happy up.

This is a very difficult thing for people in the city to experience, we go to work every day in front of the computer and mobile phone non-stop work, lunch break is unlimited compression. After a long day at night, you will be too tired to communicate with others when you come back home. You will hide in your own den, play mobile phone and go to sleep in a hurry. The communication between people is gradually ignored, but here you will feel the kindness between people. Without the interference of external things, the time here has the sound of wind blowing, warm and quiet. Here’s a poem I think best describes life here:

“The wind blows its seeds,

The grass is producing its leaves.

We stand still,

It’s wonderful.”

So the time is good up, life is happy up. Simple, pure, beautiful.

This is Tibet, which is not without its shortcomings. It’s not perfect. But it has a magic charm. Here, you will feel the warmth of the long lost, will fall in love with the flowers here, as if everything here has a fresh life, shining. I think people who have been here will love this feeling, this feeling is so warm, so addictive. I think this is the reason why Tibet is not as good as imagined, but people who come here never regret it, it has this kind of capital, it is worth it. This is the only Tibet.