It is said that the Chinese people must walk along the national highway 318 in this life. I have not confirmed or denied it, but I have read a lot of articles and seen a lot of beautiful scenery pictures. I cannot help yearning.

On the third day, kangding set off on national highway 318. There were so many lorries on the road that we had to drive carefully. After only one hour’s driving, the first scenic spot SheDuoShan was also our first snow-capped mountain scenic spot.

SheDuoShan went on a journey after that, but there was not much scenery on the way. We took a detour around xindu bridge and ta gong grassland. It was probably the most beautiful season before the arrival of the season.

The beautiful scenery of 318 national highway on the fourth day makes people linger on and forget to leave, especially the scenery of the plateau and grassland. They don’t know the vast land, and the grass starts to turn yellow in autumn, which makes the grassland gradually become golden and beautiful.

Pass through litang, turn from national highway 318 provincial highway 217, head for daocheng set out, on the way pass red meadow scenic spot, pick up a camera is a burst of crazy shoot, still be seasonal reason nevertheless, the leaf is not red, still not be the most beautiful time.

In the evening, arrived at shangri-la daocheng yading holiday zhichuan hotel, the hotel parking, the room is not bad, especially hot water, the evening bath is very comfortable.

The fifth day, early in the morning get up at six o ‘clock, enjoy the hotel is good after breakfast, we drove to the scenic spot, because had bought the tickets online earlier in the day, so the brush card can directly into the gate to the scenic spot, but this is still not fully reach the scenic area, the bus should be provided in the scenic area, the bus will arrived after Aden village scenic area doorway, clue here, Aden village is there are a lot of accommodation available on the Internet, but because the altitude is too high, so we still choose to live in low altitude near the town of shangri-la, safer, so later when go down the hill to prove that we are right.

With more than half an hour’s bus trip, we arrived at the scenic spot of the real door, here actually can choose to walk, but for Aden famous big long, pay some money to choose in the scenic area in the storage battery is the most can save energy, because the back of the long journey to tire you, without the storage battery, estimates that you will not come back.

Under the battery car, we began a long process of climbing the mountain, first is a section of wooden plank road, the way of the snow mountain and wetland scenery, really let us excited, it is too beautiful, worthy of heaven on earth.

With the excited, we clap to walk all the way, before you know it began the hard up the hill road, walking to know the mountain at an altitude of more than four thousand, or points of strength and fitness, and we didn’t take oxygen tubes, also good passers-by sold us a tank, this also let the wife can insist on all the way, so the stop-and-go, we probably spent more than four hours, walked about five kilometers, sea to milk, also good, the beauty of the sea of milk, not we have to struggle.

The sea of five colors needs to climb again 400 many meters, regretful wife physical strength overdraw, plus mountain weather changeful, begin to descend hail, so we choose to come down as soon as possible, hail on the road, light rain is ceaseless, let us early did not have the mood when hill, hope to come down quickly only rest, although such, cloudy day scenery is quite beautiful also.

After eight hours of play, we just returned to the hotel. On the way down the mountain, the bus drove very fast. Many people could not stand the carsickness and vomited after getting off the bus.

Finally, to sum up, Aden is really the place where life must come, because of the beautiful scenery, so yearning, because of the worth, so pay.