How many times should daocheng yading go? This is called the last shangri-la, which condenses the most beautiful scenery of the snow plateau, including snow mountains, meadows, verdant summer, golden autumn, and silver winter. However, the most beautiful scenery is autumn!

What about the view of daocheng yading in mid-november? Under the blue sky, the trees are still golden, but is waving the falling leaves, stepping on the golden leaves, pure white snow mountains, grassland golden, sigh the beauty of the fall disappear too fast!

In this season of November, daocheng yading was greeted with several first snowfalls, and returned to its golden color under the sunny and blue sky the next day. If we could see the snowy landscape in this season, the whole yading scenic area would be covered with a layer of silver.

Nuorong cattle farm, the bushes on the mountainside are covered by the shallow snow, looking beyond the blue sky, the whole white a vast expanse, less gorgeous colors, but also can not block the enthusiasm of tourists, but in the hiking area is recommended to wear non-slip shoes, must do a good job to keep warm.

Milk sea, if the weather is good enough to see the blue sky, the surrounding is a vast expanse of white, clear blue lake water can be clearly seen, surrounded by a layer of milky white lake, if the weather is not good enough, then it is shrouded in mist, always seem a little monotonous.

The sea of five colors is located above the sea of milk, only 100 meters of hillside, but most people need 30 minutes, in snowy weather, the hillside will be a little slippery, it is best to wear anti-skid shoes and crutches, in the sunlight, reflected the colorful light, but the first snow early to go early.

Daocheng yading, friends who have been to sichuan say that this is one of the most beautiful scenic spots in western sichuan, with snow mountains, plateau lakes and grasslands, and the most beautiful season in autumn.