Daocheng yading, the longest is winter, some people say that the white package, winter daocheng yading in the end is not worth a look at the beauty of the landscape? Let’s just say the ice on the blue lake shines brightly!

The daocheng yading in January, although there is no gorgeous autumn, summer green yu green, but under the blue sky, the white earth to each other, do not have a winter charm, this is still your impression of daocheng yading?

In ganzi, there is a holy place, at first sight makes you fall in love at first sight, snow mountains, blue sky, holy lake, it is the last shangri-la in the world, is also a lifetime at least once to the holy land, three standing sacred mountains waiting for your arrival!

Daocheng yading, in addition to the magic sky, more magical scenery, may have just yesterday after a heavy snow, nuorong cattle farm there is white snow, let a person doubt this is the beauty of yading scenic area?

After the accumulation of winter, the next year is green, after the snow daocheng yading seems to want to prove that I can show my charm in any season, never lack of blue sky and white clouds and color!

The five colors sea of microwave sparkling, quiet lie in the snow mountain of Yang maiyong and xian nai day, a week on the surface of the holy lake on a layer of ice, want to quietly and the holy lake to an intimate contact!

In winter, daocheng yading is more beautiful, the clouds in the distance gently touch the snow mountains in the distance, is willing to leave more shadow in such a charming scenery, do not deserve to a daocheng yading!

The lake surface of the milk sea is covered with a thin layer of ice, and the clear and sharp semi-frozen sea is like an illusion. The innate sense of layers retains the primitive beauty that is hard to find in the world. This is daocheng yading, the last piece of pure land on the water-blue planet.

Snow peak, meadow, temple, haizi… These elements of plateau beauty can be found in daocheng yading, enter the winding mountain road of daocheng yading and you can see the three snow mountains full of charm, this is the beauty of Tibetan area I yearn for!

In nuorong cattle farm and Yang maiyong snow mountain near the feeling of its dignity and sacred, the changes of the blue sky seems to give you too much of the yearning, hands together, quietly listen to the sound of nature, this is probably the true meaning of travel!