Daocheng Yading is called the fairy tale of autumn. What is the winter in your mind?

Daocheng Yading in your mind

Have you lost the beautiful colors of autumn?

Only one piece of white

OH~NO! Appreciate different colors this season

Daocheng Yading in December

The grass is still golden

The sky is still blue

Just less the favor of tourists

Three major mountaines of the three finished fonts

Still sacred under the blue sky

Protecting the three great lords of the Tibetans

Holy snow mountain

Broad and innocent pasture

Flowing creek

The colorful sea is simple and deep

Shen Feng wears ice and snow crown

This is the Daocheng Yading in everyone’s mind.

Daocheng Yading as a holy place in the heart

Golden Autumn is the most ideal time to travel

Just like the movie “From your world”

Look at the pure white snow mountains, golden meadows, blue sky

And the loved one sees a golden autumn fairy tale

Daocheng Yading in December

Not snow and ice

Yak in the velvet cattle farm

Blue pure sky

Still worth visiting

Winter Aden Scenic Area

Between the blue sky and the white clouds

a blue and clear sea

Just like a piece of sapphire

Sometimes even if it freezes, it shines in the sun

Still emitting dazzling light

The blue sky of the plateau is unique

How long have you been looking up at the blue sky?

It’s better to take advantage of the warm sun in winter.

Come to Daocheng Yading

Feel the magical mystery