With the southward movement of cold air,
The long winter of Daocheng is coming.

Daocheng Yading is surrounded by three Tibetan gods.

1145 alpine lakes are scattered between the rocks.

The blue is like a jade, and the scenery is breathtaking.

International friends are known as “the last pure land on the water blue planet.”

People who have never been to a place will be fascinated by a photo.

People who have been to, just one glance, will never forget.

If the key word for autumn rice is “extraordinary”,

That winter’s use of “pure” to describe it is a perfect fit.

After a snowfall, Daocheng Yading began to show its unique charm, the mountains and trees are covered with silver, the waterfalls and lakes are clear and the ice, the blue lake’s ice layer changes in the temperature difference between sunrise and sunset. The delicate water flow makes a refreshing music;

The river runs fast, but it is unbelievable. The shrubs on both sides of the river can not withstand the frost and snow in the autumn, and they dedicate their final erosion;

Crystal snow mountain,

Golden meadow,

Colorful forest.

The ice and snow melted at first, and the yak was lazy in the sun;

Looking from afar, what is in the eyes of the world is a light ink landscape painting.

Pure and pure, there is no on the earth, only on the high mountain of God;

Here, in addition to ice and snow, in addition to rocks, in addition to blue sky and white clouds, one layer is not dyed;

At the relative height of 4,000 meters rising from the ground, the snow peaks are endless;

That snowy mountain is not the view of the window;

But reach out and stand by your side;

The white clouds roared past, and the unobstructed sunlight washed away the water of the sky;

In the daytime, people can see the color of heaven;

This kind of Daocheng is best for a person to stay quiet for a while, free from the burden of life, forget all the faults and unpleasantness.

From the early morning of the songs to the dusk of the stars, one walks through them, savoring the rare tranquility in the world and the less goodness in the world.

In life, there are two best things. The first one is to meet you.

The second one is when I wake up and meet the morning when the snow in Daocheng melts.