My name is Daocheng Yading.

You all come to see me.

I don’t know me.

First of all, Daocheng is Daocheng, Aden is Aden, don’t be confused!

Daocheng: A county in the Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Sichuan Province.

Aden: A scenic spot in Daocheng County, 108 kilometers from Daocheng County.

First knowledge of Daocheng
Snowy Plateau: Here you will see snowy mountains and glaciers, meadows and forests, streams and lakes. It can be said that all the elements of the snowy plateau, Daocheng will give you a satisfactory answer.

Trekking in the Holy Land: [Body in hell, eyes in paradise] is not here, such as Aden to Muli, Aden to Penghu, and the winding mountain route around the Yading Sanshen Mountain, are excellent walking experience.

Shangri-La: The [Last Shangri-La] we often hear is here, and it has a superb title [the last pure land on the water blue planet].

Travel knowledge
Altitude sickness: The average altitude of Daocheng is 4,000 meters. There is a high anti-phenomenon phenomenon during travel. It is usually characterized by chest tightness, shortness of breath, and even more severe headache and vomiting. It can be improved within 1 to 3 days under normal conditions.

Precautions: Take Rhodiola for half a month before travel, pay attention to rest and strengthen exercise. Drink more hot water during the trip to ensure sleep, do not exercise vigorously, remember not to catch a cold.

Religious culture: Most of the Daocheng Tibetans are devout Tibetan Buddhism believers. Please pay attention to the four donations when you come here. 1. Don’t step on the scriptures; 2. Don’t touch the Mani heap; 3. Don’t sit on the stone with the scriptures; 4. Don’t touch the Buddha statues, beads, scriptures, etc.

Play time
4 days to 5 days: Daocheng County is generally a little stop, and the surrounding attractions of the county can be arranged for 1 to 2 days. The Aden scenic spot is recommended for 2 days to 3 days. Of course, this kind of time schedule is mainly for friends who want to travel in depth. Most of the current free-flowing teams stay in Aden for 1 day to 2 days.

Consumption level
Daocheng is located in the western Sichuan Plateau where transportation is not convenient. The inconvenience here is not that the road is not good, but the time cost of transporting materials is too high. Therefore, compared with the consumption levels of Chengdu and Kunming, the consumption levels are slightly higher.

Daocheng Sanshen Mountain
For many years, countless friends, the servants of the wind came here, many reasons are related to the three gods of Daocheng Yading. Please remember their names, namely Beifeng Xiannai, Nanfeng Yangmaiyong, Dongfeng Shanuoduoji, representing Guanyin Bodhisattva, Manjushri and Vajrapani Bodhisattva.

Crossing Haizi Mountain
If you are departing from Chengdu and taking the Sichuan-Tibet line, you will cross the Provincial Highway 217 in Litang. You will pass through the Haizishan Nature Reserve, which is born out of the world. There are 1,145 large and small seas here, scattered like stars. On the boundless Haizi Mountain.

Red grass green poplar forest
I want to see such a landscape, it must be in the fall, and the time is very short! People who have seen it have expressed indescribability, very beautiful, very fairy, just like going to the perfect world.

Tibetan temple
Although the temples in Daocheng are not large and popular, the Tibetan area has a deep and deep understanding, because it is quiet, because it is dull and more solemn and peaceful.

Tibetan cuisine
How can you not taste Tibetan food in Daocheng Yading? Eating meat and drinking too much is a dietary feature of Tibetan areas.糌粑, butter tea, and yak meat are all not to be missed. In a crowded Tibetan restaurant, listening to music with local style, you can think of travel time.

April to October: The average temperature in the spring and autumn is between 0 and 10 degrees Celsius. During the day, it is recommended to have short sleeves inside, a thin coat on the outside, and a fleece and jacket at night. Especially those who are afraid of cold can bring down jackets.

Travel equipment
Daily necessities: If you choose to stay at a local home, please bring your own toiletries, such as toothpaste, toothbrush, towel, shampoo, shower gel, slippers, etc.

Body lotions and lipsticks have a certain effect on relieving the weather and can be taken with you. Thermos, umbrellas, and raincoats are also important for your trip, so please bring them together.

Sun protection products: Sunscreen is mainly used for chemical sun protection. In physical sun protection, you also need to prepare sun hats, headscarves, sunglasses, sun protection clothing and so on.

Warm equipment: Warm baby is a good choice, not only to maintain the warmth of the individual body, but also to the camera bag, the inside of the backpack for the camera, the battery of the mobile phone to improve the endurance.

Local language
Tibetans in the Daocheng area use the Kang dialect in Tibetan language. Tibetans in scenic spots, hotels and restaurants speak Mandarin, so basic communication is not a problem.

Of course, going to a new place and mastering the necessary dialects is also an interesting thing to do, and maybe you can help yourself at a critical juncture.


Daocheng attractions are concentrated in three areas: Daocheng County, the surrounding area of ​​the county and the Aden Scenic Area.

Daocheng County: Tibetan dwellings and white pagodas.

Around the county: Rupchacha Hot Springs, Wanmu Yanglin.

Aden Scenic Area: Xian Nai, Yang Mai Yong, Xia Duo Duo Ji, Pearl Sea, Wu Se Hai, Milk Sea.

Daocheng County
There are several places in Daocheng County. You need to know the Gongga Road in the north-south direction, the Aden Road in the west and the Gongba Road in the east, and the Snow Mountain Plaza in the evening.

Daocheng Baita: It is also called [Zunsheng Tallinn], the only attraction in the county, located at the bridgehead in the city. It has a total of 108 white towers on 4 floors. If you want to turn the tower, please respect the Buddhist habits, turn the tower clockwise, and turn at least three times. On the hillside not far from the White Tower is the observation deck, which overlooks the entire Daocheng County.

Around the county
Wanmu Yanglin: It is only 7 kilometers away from the county seat and 15 minutes by car. This place is called Luohe Township. It is the highest-altitude and largest artificial poplar shelter forest in the world.

Whenever the autumn season, 10,000 acres of golden, facing the water, backed by the hills, a magnificent plateau.

Aden Scenic Area
Aden is actually a village. After buying a ticket in Shangri-La Town (formerly known as Riwa Town), take a sightseeing bus to Yading Village for about 1 hour, and then arrive at the real scenic entrance [Longtongba] in 10 minutes.

The scenic area of ​​Aden is relatively large. Apart from the three holy mountains, you can also see a series of human and natural scenery such as Chonggu Temple and Luorongniu. You need to calm down and enjoy it!

Secondary mountain
For those who need to enter the scenic spot twice, they should apply at the first day of ticket purchase and ticket inspection, and carry out real-name registration and certificate verification by the ticket seller and the ticket inspector respectively. The second time entering the scenic spot ticket is free, and the sightseeing ticket is half price.

Core attraction

Xian Nai: At an altitude of 6032 meters, it is the closest mountain to the entrance to the Aden scenic spot. It can be seen from the Chonggu Temple.

Yang Maiyong: 5958 meters above sea level, ranked first in the Tibetan Buddhism in the [Three Masters] Snow Mountain.

Shanuo Duoji: At an altitude of 5,958 meters, the Daoshan Mountain in Daocheng is the closest to the snow peak of the pyramid.

Chonggu Temple: 3880 meters above sea level, at the foot of Shennai Shenshan Mountain, there are two-storey buildings on the side of the temple. The first floor is the guest room and the lama room, and the second floor is the hall. Visitors cannot visit the second floor.

Pearl Sea: This is the ideal place to shoot the reflections of the sun and the sunset. In the spring, the azaleas on the lakeside bloom brightly, and the autumn forest is full of dyes, reflecting the colorful world, which is dazzling.

Luorong Cattle Farm: 4150 meters above sea level, it is one of the most famous places to stay in Aden’s scenic area, and it is also an alpine pasture where herders graze nearby. You can choose to stay in the Tibetan village or camp on your own tent.

Five-color sea: 4,600 meters above sea level, between Xian Nai and Yang Mai Yong, it is the famous holy lake in the Tibetan area. It is said to be able to [return history and predict the future].

Milk Sea: Its name is named after a circle of milky white on the lakeside. From Luoluo Niuchang to Milk Sea, you can only walk on foot. The distance is about 4.5 kilometers. There is no scenic battery car in the area. If you choose to go round-trip for about 2 to 3 hours, walk about 5 hours.

Shopping overview

In fact, Daocheng does not have any special specialties, but as long as you want to find it, there are still many things worth collecting, such as horse bells, earthen wine cans, rustic boxes and so on.

In the place where the choice of shopping in Daocheng is the first to push the Russian street, there are many stalls selling silver ornaments. However, most of the silver ornaments are fake. In fact, as long as the price of a personal souvenir is appropriate, it is not too important.

If you are lucky, you can meet Tibetans selling the Rhodiola, Snow Lotus, Cordyceps, Fritillaria, Snow Tea, Ganoderma Lucidum, Snow Lotus and other herbs that they picked along the street. Most of them are authentic, and they are cheap. Buy some.

In addition, some handicrafts such as Tibetan knives and ornaments can also be bought here.

Tibetan entertainment

Horseback riding: The locations of horse riding in Aden are Longtongba, Chonggu Temple and Luorongniu. Visitors can purchase tickets at these three stations.

Cafe: There are not many cafes in Daocheng, and coffee shops do not sell coffee. They also sell butter tea, barley wine, Tibetan snacks, and simple Western food.

Rubucha Hot Spring: Tibetan means [friend’s spring], the hot spring outlet water temperature is generally around 68 degrees Celsius, the water is clear, no smell, you can drink directly.

My name is Daocheng Yading.

You all come to see me.

I should know about me.