If you have been to the west of sichuan, you must be attracted by the xingyi cuo, which is like the sea and the lake.

When you see the picture, you must think that this is the sea. In fact, xingituo was indeed an underwater world in ancient times!

Xingyizuo is located in the ancient glacier ruins of haizi mountain, and it is also the most beautiful and largest haizi among the 1145 haizi mountains. The blue sky here is full of magic!

Xingyicuo is also one of the scenic spots to be visited by daocheng yading from xindu bridge. The rolling snow mountains in the distance and the magic sky all the year round are all worth stopping for.

The sky near seems bluer than the sky far away. The blue lake and the brown and yellow sand are just like a landscape painting without modification.

The lake green ripples, blue jade crystal clear bottom, the lake beach all over, the trail stretches the island faintly visible, as if a school of hainan scenery.

Even in winter, the lake is covered with a thin layer of ice. Also may lightly step on above, does not distinguish the season beautiful scenery possibly to say xing yi cuo!

Slow travel west sichuan, daocheng yading come across the most beautiful scenery xingyi cuo, miss must be a pity!