What kind of scene will this season be like in Daocheng Aden and Seda Buddha College? Judging from the experience of previous years, the scenery in mid-February is another kind of beauty, and the charm of winter is a new height.

Seda Buddha College is a deep travel about faith. Over the mountains, overlooking the red mountains on both sides of the mountain, this is the color of the red ocean.

Seda Buddha College has been snowing very early, and the white snow is dotted with red cabins. Standing on the observation deck to see the entire Buddhist college is a different kind of beauty.

The practitioners in Seda Buddha College only do one thing every day to practice. Some people say that he is the last piece of pure land in the heart. The Buddha of the country feels the power of faith.

Daocheng Yading, many netizens said that winter is not worth going and the cold scenery is poor. There are even rumors that Daocheng Yading can’t go in winter. Xiaobian wants to say that Daocheng Yading is open all year round, and the four seasons have different flavors.

In the winter of Daocheng Yading, the blue sky, the pure white snow mountain, the half-ice and the half-water sea, even the air is full of tranquility, and the entrance will still be attracted by this quiet color.

After the spring, Daocheng Yading has the charm of ice and snow, the magical blue sky, the Yang Maiyong of the Holy Spirit, the Shennai Mountain, the Gongga River trapped by the magic, the frozen sea of ​​blue waves, the amazing plateau. Beautiful view.

The time of the year, that is, spent in the spring and autumn, heard the spring breeze through the summer rain through the autumn rain to feel the cold of winter, all this is the most beautiful memories.