Even with the most elaborate travel plans, a few common mistakes can be enough to disrupt a trip and even ruin a dream vacation.

10 common travel mistakes. Count them. How many are you?

Carrying too much luggage

Packing light is one of the most important things you can do when traveling. It saves you energy and gives you more room in your suitcase to store everything you buy during the trip.

So make sure you learn how to subtract before packing, such as a comfortable pair of shoes. In short, you can try to follow the rule that at least half of your suitcase is empty before you leave.


Many people feel that spending so much money to get to the resort should not waste any time. As a result, they often fill their time so tightly that they wish they could only sleep four or five hours a day and spend the rest of the day doing things.

As reasonable as it sounds, vacations should be about relaxing, not reality TV. Also, too much scheduling allows you to focus all your energy on getting the current activity done on time, and miss out on the highlights that need to be discovered.

Take large amounts of cash or no cash at all

I’d rather carry $99 in change than $100 in notes. It looks like it’s melodramatic, but there’s a real catch. In many countries, large bills are rejected in many places, and in Europe, where theft is rampant, you can lose a lot if they are stolen, so don’t go out with too much cash or large bills.

Of course, it’s not ok not to carry any cash for fear of being stolen. For example, subway stations or some newsstands don’t accept credit CARDS. Also, in order to avoid credit card theft or cloning, it is best to only use the card in large stores or institutions.

Always carry your passport

For whatever reason, it’s dangerous to carry your passport around. Because if you lose your passport, you’re not only really stuck, you can’t even get back home.

So, be sure to keep your passport locked in a hotel safe. If you must carry your passport as proof of identity to some places, take a copy or take a picture with your phone and leave it at the hotel.

You’re bound by the itinerary you set before you leave

While it’s important to plan your trip before you leave, don’t be a slave to it. Travel is supposed to be a relaxing process, but following through with a plan always feels like work.

Sometimes, there are a lot of unexpected gains during the trip. For example, if you find that your favorite singer has a concert in the city and you can get tickets, would you give up this rare opportunity to go shopping? In short, don’t get stuck with plans.

No travel insurance

It is silly to say that someone buys insurance in order to be compensated. But if you dare to travel without any insurance, that’s even sillier! The importance of insurance comes at a time when travel can be fraught with risks, such as delayed flights, stolen property, or hospital stays that can ruin a great trip.

If you can’t avoid the unexpected, it’s nice to get some cash compensation. But if you don’t have insurance, it can be a disaster.

Not checking your passport before departure

Maybe your destination is a visa-free island country, but that doesn’t mean you can really walk away.

In countries where visas are issued on arrival, the visa policy requires that the holder’s passport be valid for at least three months. So don’t be a plane junkie.

Totally ignoring the customs ban

You may find it both meaningful and romantic to take home a beautiful seashell you find by the sea, or a small bottle of beach sand as a souvenir. However, you are likely to get a huge ticket at the last minute because your “souvenirs” are contraband.

National laws have a very detailed description of contraband, at least in the airport must be seen. South Africa, for example, bans all ivory products from leaving the country, even those purchased through legal channels. So don’t let tickets ruin your trip.

Hide your phone on the beach

You and your friends aren’t going to be stupid enough to leave your phone in the open and go swimming in the ocean, but do you really think it’s smart to hide it in a towel or a snack wrapper?

Oh, my gosh! Too naive to really think that thieves are stupid enough to steal things on the surface? ! If you’re afraid of losing your phone, keep it with a friend or store it in your locker.

Flights are too short apart

Whether you’re looking to save money or just because you can’t help it, connecting flights are something travelers can’t avoid. However, there’s a lot of wisdom in this, and if you don’t get it right, you’re likely to get into big trouble.

Connecting flight interval better in more than three hours, because in this period of time you need to complete immigration, baggage checked again, the secondary security, even in the first leg of the flight delays, etc., thus time though it may seem a long time, but it’s not, at least in the terminal leisurely waiting is better than miss flight want to cry!