The dew of that month is clear and cold, the forest layer is full of dye, time came quietly the first solar term that takes “cold” character — cold dew. With the cold dew coming and autumn already deep, it’s time for a trip to the hot spring.

The most famous HOT SPRING is YANGBAJING HOT SPRING with the highest elevation. YANGBAJING town is located in dangxiong county, northwest of Lhasa city, xizang province. It is 4300 meters above sea level. When it comes to YANGBAJING, many people think of the famous HOT SPRING.

YANGBAJING HOT SPRING has large-scale fountains and geysers, HOT springs, HOT springs, boiling springs, HOT water lakes, etc. YANGBAJING also has the highest water springs in China’s HOT springs, as well as rare explosion springs and intermittent HOT springs. The total area is over 7000 square meters.

The whole hot area of YANGBAJING is very vast. Under the snow-capped mountains, there are a lot of hot fields wrapped in steam, just like a fairyland. The hot spring is an open swimming pool, enjoying the warm spring while enjoying the snow mountain in the distance. If winter comes, the snow is falling heavily on the top and the heat is rolling down, it is even more exciting. However, YANGBAJING is higher in altitude, less green, easy to hypoxia, if there is altitude reaction, it is not recommended to soak in the hot spring.

The most beautiful time in YANGBAJING is early in the morning. Because the air is still cold, the geothermal fields in YANGBAJING are always filled with white fog. If we are lucky, we will catch the eruption of hot water Wells and see the boiling hot springs rising from the eyes into the sky.

The hot spring water here contains a lot of hydrogen sulfide, which has therapeutic effects on a variety of chronic diseases. The bathing spot is an open-air swimming pool. Because the water temperature is too high, it needs to go through 2 outdoor pools to cool down before tourists can bathe. In the distance around it can see the snow mountain, in such an environment to wash the hot spring, is really a kind of enjoyment, especially in winter, jump into the hot spring to see the snow all over the sky, feel indescribable romantic comfortable.

After soaking in the hot spring in YANGBAJING, you can also taste the special food. The local residents will put the local eggs in the boiling hot water for tourists to taste. It is the local unique hot spring food.