Once dreamed of going to Tibet to see the snow-covered plateau, surrounded by the flower lake, once dreamed of going to Dali, listening to the wind of erhai lake, watching the clouds of cangshan… But Tibet is too far away, Dali is also more and more noisy……

We need new places of dream, unknown, but able to meet all the fantasy of travel! Such as chongqing hongchi dam!

It is more tranquil than Dali, and closer than paradise Tibet, and rival New Zealand plateau grassland, Hokkaido like beautiful sea of flowers! The seasons are different, but each season is amazing all the time ~

In spring, the flowers bloom like the sea

Some people compare hongchi dam to Japan’s Hokkaido, maybe you have been to Hokkaido, that covered with dotted flowers in the wilderness, clean and quiet town, it is fascinating. But in fact, to see the sea of flowers does not need to go abroad, the red pool dam can satisfy you!

After the cold wind of January, the spring rain of February, and the preparation of march, it will turn into a sea of cuckoos.

That cluster, a cluster of azaleas, the castle green tree ornament is so gorgeous, so dazzling, picturesque, it has been pleasing to the eye, relaxed and happy.

Of course, only cuckoos are lonely, and purple lavender.

Assorted gesang, fresh wildflowers, warm sunflowers.

A look back, then condenses the mountain clouds; A turn, they left a sea of flowers full of.

In summer, the grass is green

In summer, the red pond dam has become “New Zealand” again, with wide alpine grassland and full of cattle and sheep. There was no blazing sun, no cool wind, it was a green season!

There is no hustle and bustle of the city, no high-rise buildings, no steel and cement, and there is just green grass. As if the human has not set foot in the paradise, intoxicating…

Lying on the ground and looking up at the deep blue sky at hongqiba, you can really feel what the ancients called the round sky.

And cattle, sheep, small horse close contact, and even gallop on the red pond dam grassland.

In the red pond dam grassland night, and lovers walk in the quiet night, looking at the stars in the sky……

The feeling here is peaceful and quiet like a paradise, sitting on the grass with the breeze blowing, looking at the mountains and white clouds in the distance, looking at the cattle and sheep nearby, without any chicken soup for the soul, you will calm down yourself.

All summer long, red pond dam looks like an oil painting rendered in green, with blue sky, white clouds and grass surrounding your whole vision!

Autumn, the vast expanse of green and wild days

When you feel the growing autumn, the dam has blue sky and yellow leaves all over the ground, like the beauty of the poem!

Autumn, red pool dam vast sea of clouds, boundless horizon, layers of forest all dyed, a school of “day green, wild, wind grass low see cattle and sheep” grassland scenery.

The red pool dam of late autumn is just like oil painting, perhaps you have seen the vivid oil painting on the painting paper, but unfortunately forget that it is actually the painting of the real scene, the red pool dam is the oil painting that goes down the painting paper!

In winter, the first snowfield in south China

Winter, it is the first snow in the south of the winter, the red pond dam silver wrapped, mountain dance silver, the original chi wax elephant.

The snow cover lasts for more than 80 days, and the snow cover in tianzi city, yinchangping and other scenic spots can reach 50-80cm, making it “the first snow field in the south”.