Chengdu has long been more than just a place to eat and play.

Chengdu, every day in the refresh of your knowledge!

Recently, chengdu has become popular again. After being rated as a new first-tier city, chengdu has won the first place in the list of cultural and creative vitality of the city.

Chengdu was also named the happiest city in 2018.

China is so big, why does chengdu press north, guangzhou, shenzhen and hangzhou to win the first place?

Chengdu is a modern city with the most innovative vitality

Beautiful scenery, delicious food, beautiful women… Chengdu has always been famous,

More and more trunk lines have been opened in chengdu.

The convenience of transportation led to the development of this western city.

More and more young people are punching in,

It also makes this city the most dynamic city.

And then back up,

In the 1980s and 1990s, chengdu was famous for its literature and art.

The photographer xiao quan that chengdu was born shoots 3 hairs, gu cheng, cui jian and easy to know difficult, once played in chengdu!

Many historical celebrities have crossed paths with chengdu,

Zhuge liang and the great poet du fu are two!

Earlier, traffic inconvenience, dujiangyan south bridge,

But it is known as “painting building on water”, “the first bridge of jiangyuan”,

“Wanshengtai”, after repair, all kinds of painted, carved beams and painted buildings,

Folk painted sculpture, calligraphy and painting converge here.

Chengdu this love of beauty and urban construction of the delicate, since the show.

Jinli ancient street was famous throughout China as early as the qin, han and The Three Kingdoms period

Buddhist statues, cultural relics, ancient buildings and other relics are numerous in our country.

Cultural chengdu is also full of these.

Compared to other areas, in chengdu,

Always seemed to convey an air of optimism, happiness, and ease,

Just like chengdu people’s character and attitude towards life.

It seems that I am really happy to live in chengdu.

Chengdu — the most comfortable atmosphere of market life

And in our bones we love that chengdu forever

The laziest slow town in the country

A cup of tea, a bamboo chair, a mahjong table, a group of old friends

Tea, theatre, hot pot, string…

It is always the city that makes people “come and don’t want to leave”.

In chengdu, you can

A bowl of hot bean flowers in the morning

Through the hustle and bustle of the busy crowd

In the afternoon, find a tea house

Outdoor or indoor

Have a leisurely cup of tea and chat with people


To see a spring rape or peach blossom

Or with some old friends, on the street or in a sea of flowers

Let’s play some mahjong

In the evening

Go to a hot pot restaurant and have a big meal

Or watch a gorgeous sichuan opera

Look at the strange strange face of the fire

Walking on the street, the beautiful women everywhere in chengdu are very pleasing to the eyes.

All the beauties are in chengdu.

If you don’t have a 256G stomach, don’t go to chengdu.

Because there’s so much food!


This is the last capital of shu after thousands of years

Lazy and elegant

What reason do you have to refuse it?

In fact,

Chengdu let us move, let us love the place

There’s so much more…

Chengdu — a city that never wants to leave

Time and time again to brush the circle of friends of sunset, snow mountains, night, ginkgo……

Chengdu can always surprise us and bring us new heights of beauty!

Qianlong exhibition, dunhuang exhibition, 1000 nets red face,

Can’t compare with the beauty of cultural relics in chengdu museum;

Provincial library, fang suo, yan jiyou and the upcoming zhong shuge,

Let chengdu be so artistic!

More and more flagship stores are located in chengdu,

No more flying abroad to buy luxury goods.

Compared with the common binjiang road and xuefu street,

Chengdu has many old streets with special names:

Fat pig city street, kill cow lane, sheep city street, mula city……

As a carrier of history, it seems particularly nifty.

The charming voice of chengdu people, even better than sister zhi ling,

The essence is to drag the “an” sound to death,

Jianghu people “plum blossom sound”!

Boss, three bowls of three fresh noodles…

Small county liver string, kang erjie string, box 82 dumplings……

The authentic chengdu fly restaurant, although the environment is broken, tastes great!

Five steps a string, ten steps a hot pot restaurant,

Qualified chengdu people,

Go in certain meeting point the “dry dish” that lets outlander hear wind dauntless.

Chengdu is second only to polar bears in bite strength,

Can play with three or four wolves as cushions,

But the giant panda, a national treasure that lives on show MOE,

Every day to sleep is surrounded by tourists from all over the country.

In spring, people in chengdu are going to have a cup of covered tea.

Every year tea can fill seven west lakes.

In open-air tea tables and upscale teahouses,

Half the business was done in chengdu.

In summer, where there are flowers and water,

There are excellent students, goddesses, old wizards hang out together.

In autumn, the city eats ginkgo leaves,

It’s enough to shoot all the idol dramas of your dreams.

In winter, people in chengdu will seize every opportunity to bask in the “blooming flowers” of the sun.

It’s our favorite to never get a tan without sunscreen.

From tongxiang to tongshu street, from kuixing Lou to boring palladium street,

Chengdu people can always make the old streets become the favorite place of xiaozi literary style.

In chengdu, with the three holy township, why to yearn for gulangyu island and lijiang.

On the road, wen jun was the thorn,

Want to get a heart, white head do not leave each other.

Now, beside the pavilion,

Married couples walk through the love zebra crossing together,

Looking forward to a hundred years of good marriage.

Native god benimares libekin,

The weather can make you laugh:

Today the highest temperature wear kiln pants, the lowest temperature wear cotton pants, neither hot nor cold wear spring and autumn pants.

Chunxi road, jinli, wide and narrow alley,

Leshan, asbestos, yibin expert-level barbecue production site,

Baked cutlet, baked brain, baked potato ten bottles of lafite.

In chengdu, if you do not use pixian douban,

Pour it quickly. Is it edible?

Luodai, pingle, jiezi, huanglongxi,

Garlands, dried radish with fermented black bean sauce,

Playing mahjong with tea and water,

But chengdu people are still happy to play every ancient town dish after dish.

Walk to the end of yulin road, sit at the door of the pub,

To hear bands from all over the world,

Eat eat countless times still remember yulin strings,

Chengdu, is always the heart of that chengdu.

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People who have been to chengdu will not necessarily live in chengdu.

But the memory of chengdu,

Must stay in, each in the crossroads through the hearts of people.