Tibet, no one has to get there, just some persistent people want to go, to the Tibet you want to go to. But “Tibet” in the eyes of everyone is not the same, some people think it takes a mysterious color, some people consciously ordinary general… But I want to believe that when you click on this article, you are at least someone who has a trip to Tibet in mind. It would be nice to spend a few minutes hanging out and chatting with an “old tourist” to see what they see of Tibet.

This time from chengdu to hire a car please drive to Tibet, standing in front of the familiar potala palace, the sky floating white clouds, see snow connected mountains. Looking for the way I came before, recall the famous nu river into 72. At foot like a black dragon from the top of the mountain winding to the top. All the way is worth the scenery, this time I just want to chat with you – Lhasa.

Seeing the potala palace on the bridge from a distance reminds me of the excitement when I first rode to the potala palace in 2012. I drove slowly past the potala palace, silently said: “potala palace, I came again, Lhasa, I came back.”

Settled down, Tibetan friend called me to the bar, he had a partnership with his friend. He is a Tibetan college student. I met him on the train from Lhasa to xining in 2012. Now he has graduated and returned to his hometown to become a police teacher.

When I first arrived in Lhasa, although I was excited, I was afraid of altitude sickness. I dare not drink too much. I drank three cans of barley beer. Chatting very happy, imperceptibly, 12 points have passed, I decided to return to the green brigade rest. My friend took me to the door and told me the meaning of the design on the bar. Design is a circle of the word “persistent”, meaning: persistent pursuit of dreams. He walked slowly back in the dead of night, though he had only drunk three cans of beer, and the breeze made him tired.

I thought there would be no altitude sickness in Tibet this time. In 2012, I rode my bicycle all the way to Lhasa to adapt to the high altitude, came to Lhasa live tiger, jump, no different from the plain. But this time, the first night I woke up with a headache and went in the opposite direction. Not only the headache, but also breathing seems difficult.

In order to relieve the symptoms, I decided to go outside. I got dressed and stood up. As soon as I went out, a spotted cat ran to the glass roof, staring at me with bright eyes and meowing.

I decided to go to potala palace to see if it rained. There are many people around the potala palace in particular, and many devout believers who kowtow for a long time, measure the distance with their bodies and wipe the wetlands.

Come to yao wang shan observation platform, it is the best view of the panoramic view of the potala palace, five-star air across the potala palace square, wide Beijing road traffic, near yao wang shan is the holy white tower, hung with colorful buddhist sutras, built in front. Hongshan potala palace.

Walking to the east gate of potala palace, I remember waiting in line all night to book tickets four years ago, just like yesterday, when it was raining like this. Following the golden jingguan, I went to longwangtan park, where I could photograph the reflection of the potala palace. But the reflection was dimmed by the clouds.

The early morning rain changed into blue sky and white clouds. Get up early and travel around potala palace with other people. Finally, the potala palace clearly reflects the longwan lake, which is my desire to complete this trip.

Walk through potala palace square to jokhang temple. The sun shines on the golden twin deer auspicious wheel in jokhang temple. In front of jokhang temple, devotees kneel. In the eight streets around jokhang temple, there are also kowtow devotees, who touch the road with the largest part of their body and measure their walk.

On eight streets, people formed into two lines. People in the outer circle walk, chanting sutras in their hands, chanting sutras in their mouths, people in the inner circle kowtow, looking young, ancient old people, just learned to walk children, men and women, old and young, young, all knelt down, reverently, with their body measurement, never missed an inch of land. This picture does not need you to give appreciation or critical attitude, you just quietly look at their every inch of demeanor can, I believe it will be touched!

There is a food and drink shop in front of the store. It is free and volunteers take drinks to people passing by. Tibetan volunteers, like junior high school students, brought me a glass of orange juice, which moved me deeply. I didn’t expect tourists like me to treat me like this. It reminds me of running marathons at the food and drink station with lots of enthusiastic volunteers.

Loblingka is the Summer Palace of panqin. On this sunny afternoon he walked along the high red walls of the palace and made several visits. This is a Tibetan translation, meaning palace. Linka is a park, full of thick trees and plants, the sun slanting down on the grass trees, trees cast long shadows, unknown birds hiding in the branches of the chirping.

On the way home, I saw a lot of people walking in the street, most of them walking up and down the street, and I saw a middle-aged woman kowtow, next to her maybe her daughter, holding an umbrella to keep out the sun. Drivers automatically make way for wayfarers at traffic lights. Eyes full of feelings of courtesy: I can feel like a certain news driver for the old man, the feedback is a warm picture of the hat bowing!

Later, I learned that Lhasa has four ways to change the road, namely: capsule, eight, forest and Z. In Tibet, the outline is round in meaning, the capsule, the eight and the forest respectively represent the inside, the outside and the outside. That is to say, the outline of the sack is the inner circle of the warp, is the jokhang temple warp; Eight outline is around jokhang temple, that is, the eight street; The outline of the forest is circumjacent, along Lin guo road, jiangsu road and jinzhu road. U road encircles potala palace, dazhao temple, jokhang temple and white pagoda into the meridian route. The Z outline is the route of potala palace and white pagoda.

At the sagadawa festival, in longwan beach park behind the potala palace, I saw many people sitting on the roadside with change in hand. At the saga dawa festival, to accumulate virtues and channels for the poor. When people pass by, most of the changes in their hands come out.

The sagadawa festival is on the fifteenth day of April, but it lasts for a month. Our taxi driver from chengdu said that this year is quite special, three months. During these three months, the faithful do not kill or eat meat or drink alcohol.

Lhasa, with an average sunshine duration of more than 3,000 hours, is a famous “sunshine city”. Sunshine city also has rainy days, but I can still feel the sunshine, people believe in the eternal sunshine of the city.

That is the ramble and chatter of some “old tourist”, told from a plain, travel-friendly Angle! If you’re an artist, a photographer, a traveler… I believe it will be a more beautiful view of Tibet, but it belongs to you, not this “old tourist”! Also hope more people can find your own trip to Tibet!