I have seen the dark desert to make a dazzling spark; I have seen the Namtso Star Cloth curtain at night; I lay on my back, put a “big character”, and slept on the clear ice surface; also in the no-man’s path, Let the two rows of golden autumn leaves clear the way and ride all the way. I am crazy, running and jumping in Ali; calling and shouting in Yanghu; when I was quiet, I found oil paintings in Linzhi, sitting between the heavens and the earth, and enjoying a tree night flower. ”

Twilight chasing the dawn, and I, chasing freedom, chasing freedom as a living being. Sometimes I feel that freedom is like the wind, it seems that I can’t catch it, but the sky has never rejected the bird. The sea has never refused to swim. The world has never rejected me. Freedom will only be tied to the heart. If you walk away from the rules, you will see the bright road ahead. I will explore the darkness in the dark. Freedom is not equal to loneliness, marriage is not equal to bondage, family is not equal to drag, my freedom, through love, can be preserved.

“Wave” with ice and snow

Shannan, Pmo Gyatso / Shigatse, Qud Nyima

On the ice of Bimo Lake, the “big character” lying on the ice is more cool and more free than “the sky is the cover”, as long as it is not really stupid to fall asleep; standing high At the sight of the surging tides, the Qu Deng Nima ice waves are rolling up and down. There is no such thing as a white sand wave on the beach. It is another experience. The heart is flying the same freedom.

“mad” with autumn leaves

Lhasa, Qushui County

A flat farmland on the edge of the Yajiang River Valley, a smooth road, not a red leaf “mad”, nor a maple leaf red, there is no maple leaf, only the ordinary autumn leaves, the autumn leaves are “mad”, crazy together Golden landscape, on both sides of the path, in front of the farmland. Freedom is to ride along such an autumn road, there is no traffic jam, no exhaust, only two lines of “golden” with you “mad”

“Still” with the forest

Linzhi, Milin County

In the quiet woods of Nanyigou, when I want to calm down, this oil painting-like beauty can make my heart feel peaceful. What is freedom? Freedom is the body that can move with the heart, the heart can go with the body, the body and mind perfectly cooperate, and the harmony is freedom.

“mad” with the desert

Shannan, Zhacao County

Shannan, a sand dune on the Yarlung Zangbo River, one of the most beautiful madness. The singer Chen Gran said that she had seen heavy rain in the desert, but she certainly had never seen the desert flower, and she burst into a splendid spark, because this is our masterpiece. The friend rotates and rotates, “Filigree” flutters and dances, in the dark, on the sand dunes, freedom, in the dark place, I create the most beautiful light, on the road of life, why not?