[Tea Salt Lake] There is no substitute for the “land of the sky”. When I first met you, the picture was too beautiful and too unreal. I was like a fool and looked at you…

[Tea Salt Lake] Natural Crystal Salt Lake in Qaidam Basin

China’s “land of the sky”

Salt production can be used by people all over the country for about 75 years

There are many salt carvings in the scenic area to watch.

You can also take a small train to the depths of the salt lake for sightseeing.

Visitors can walk barefoot to the lake

Watch and shoot your own reflection

If you are lucky enough

Can be seen on these rivers during the day


Many small black holes in the lake

It’s actually a trap

Don’t step on it, it’s easy to get stuck

[Tea Salt Lake] I think that one day in the future, I will meet you again, and I will be close to the “land of the sky”.