Mysterious 哒chuanzang line

Live a lot of rare animals

First, vulture

▲ vulture–[the messenger from heaven]

In Tibetan areas, its status cannot be shaken. You can see it in the sacred “day burial” ceremony, in groups and visual impact.

Second, the groundhog

▲ Groundhog–[Elves from afar]

A group of cute little guys, really eaten! Bread, biscuits, and snacks can’t be put down; it may be that you live in harmony with Tibetans all the year round, and you won’t show timidity to humans. If you have food, they will accompany you.

Third, Tibetan fox

▲ Tibetan fox–[Special expression of Tibetan emperor]

The most obvious difference between it and the common fox is that the face is too big and the eyes are small. The feeling of giving people is always in the state of “no expression”. Therefore, many friends also call it “face to the emperor”; when it uses no desire Eyes, and a big face with no expression on you, you will instantly have the sigh of “no love”!

Fourth, Tibetan Mastiff

▲ Purebred Tibetan mastiffs raised by Tibetans

The Tibetan Mastiff is the oldest, most traditional and most powerful dog breed in the Tibetan area. It has a strong sense of guardianship and a strong desire to attack! Combative is its nature. The so-called “getting close to people” is an image that explains its survivability. It has a big appetite, a large amount of food, and a good taste of meat. The huge body has already explained everything.

Five, Tibetan wolf

▲ Tibetan Wolf–[survivors of the Ice Age]

They like to be alone or in pairs. The main hunting targets are sheep, hares, and groundhogs. At present, the number has always been a mystery in the whole Tibet, belonging to high rare species.

Six, snow leopard

▲ Snow Leopard–[King of Snow Mountain in Tibetan Plateau]

People who have entered Tibet have more or less altitude sickness. However, for snow leopards, the more such plateau snow lines, the more they reach the extreme! They have highly developed skills that distribute blood, regulate breathing, and are sensitive to changes in oxygen.

Seven, squirrels

▲ Squirrel–[The representative of the self-entertainment of the entertainment]

This cute little animal can usually be seen in the scenic area of ​​the Sichuan-Tibet line. When you are resting during the tour, such as the corner of a wooden bench, it will sprout and reveal your small head to watch you, please don’t scare them!

Eight, Tibetan pigs

▲ Tibetan pigs–[One of the must-eat foods in Tibet]

If you have the opportunity to walk into the Tibetan village, you will see a group of Tibetan fragrant pigs, not too big, and the small short legs are very cute! Its meat is quite tender and has a good taste. It is one of the recommended Tibetan cuisines.


Do you know the names of these animals?

I hope this article can help you.