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Going back to the mad journey of youth

Pilgrimage Route [Western Sichuan Loop]

There are…

Buddha’s Paradise [Colored]

The last pure land [Dacheng Yading]

There is also …

Seda Larong Wuming Buddhist College

When I first saw your first sight

Red houses in the mountains

Pilgrimage, turn, white tower, golden dome

Listening to the class with Lama and Juemu
It is said that the largest Buddhist college in the world is here. The people studying here are divided into Tibetan and Han nationalities and are taught by different Kampo.

Compared with other monasteries, the Buddhist College welcomes people to attend classes, even if you are not a Buddhist disciple, no one will come to block.

Experience the celestial burial
Traveling to Seda, the celestial burial is the main event. Until now, it still follows the tradition of celestial burial. It is held almost every day. Many Tibetans near Seda will be buried here.

Vultures have only been seen on television. There are so many here, usually the wingspan can reach 1.5 meters, and the size of the big one is amazing. It is very strange that in addition to the corpses of the celestial burials, they do not eat other animals, and they are regarded as Condors by Tibetans.

The celestial burial ceremony is very serious. Visitors must maintain respect for the deceased and do not act to destroy customs.

Manchurian house
Into the Wuming Buddhist College, no one was shocked by the blushing house in front of the mountain. It was a deserted and sparsely populated western Sichuan plateau, but it was amazing to gather so many people.

In order to practice Dharma, they live an extremely hard life here. Perhaps this is a sincere belief.

Buddhist College Night Scene
In my impression, the night view of the plateau is the sky and the sky, but the night here is full of lights.

Although it is no more than the neon of the city, the hustle and bustle of singing and dancing, but a faint light shot from countless shacks, pooling, like a silent power, even more intriguing in the quiet night sky.

Standing on the corner of the mandala platform, overlooking the entire valley, enjoy a quiet night.

There is a huge, magnificent mandala on the highest mountain in the Buddhist Academy. The mandala has three floors, and everyone usually turns around on the 1st and 2nd floors.

The first floor is a turn-around gallery with a circle of prayer wheels. Every day, no matter how early or late, people come here to circle. First class pray for 10,800 laps, second class pray for 1080 laps, third class pray for 108 laps.

On the open space beside the mandala, there will always be a long-standing devout believer. The Buddhist Academy has specially placed wooden boards for this purpose.

Next stop

Daocheng Yading

I took the Locke Mark

Only for the most beautiful you

Not willing to pass by your world

Approaching Sanshen Mountain to purify the body and mind

Many people have traveled to Daocheng for thousands of miles, for the sake of a glimpse of Yading [Sanshen Mountain].

Beifeng Xian Nai, Nan Feng Yang Mai Yong, Dong Feng Xia Duo Duo Ji, representing Guanyin Bodhisattva, Manjushri Bodhisattva, and Vajrapani Bodhisattva, whether they are stationed at the foot of the mountain or on a mountain, can feel the holiness of the mountain.

The five-color sea and the milk sea are inlaid between the mountains of the gods, which is even more pure and agile.

Crossing the sea and mountains

The 1145 lakes are scattered all over the boundless stone sarcophagus, how magnificent, how desolate.

Xing Yicao is the largest of its kind and is respected by the locals as a holy lake.

The excavation of dinosaur fossils and eucalyptus fossils is also given to the title of “the world’s largest ancient ice body relic” [Dacheng ancient ice cap], adding to the sense of the universe.

See the red grass and the green poplar forest

When the autumn is getting thicker, the red grass is a touch of red, and the green poplar forest is a touch of yellow, waving a gorgeous plateau. The red grass is actually a lake of water, and it will be filled with red water plants in the late autumn, which is warm and beautiful.

The more well-known name of Qingyanglin is [10,000 mu of Yanglin], which is the highest-altitude and largest artificial poplar shelter forest in the world.

Visiting Tibetan Buddhism Temple to experience religious culture

In the Daocheng, which believes in Tibetan Buddhism, there are temples hidden in the middle of the mountain, and temples are hidden in the city.

Compared with the temples elsewhere, most of the temples in Daocheng do not have strong incense or vocal vocals, and some are only the monks who have quietly enlightened the scriptures and the Tibetans who pray for merit.

Walk into a temple, look at the buildings and Buddha statues, turn the warp clock clockwise, listen to the good people and talk about history and Dharma, and listen to your inner voice.