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Sichuan is located in the hinterland of southwest China, connecting shaanxi, gansu and qinghai provinces in the north, yunnan and guizhou provinces in the south, chongqing in the east, and Tibet in the west. It is an important junction of southwest, northwest and central regions, and is the hometown of giant pandas, known as the “land of plenty”. With rich tourism resources, the following small series to introduce Black Bamboo valley scenic spots.

Black Bamboo valley national forest park scenic area, a swaths of the original forest. There are 27 scenic spots in the scenic area, such as xiaohuashan, qinglongtan, channeling water gorge, luohanfeng, bathing sendai, turtle dragon looking at the moon, and liennu cliff. Known as “pearl of southern henan”, “the first lake in the central plains” reputation, national aaaa scenic area. Here the ancient trees towering, arrow bamboo cluster, strange flowers in full bloom, different stones and vertical and vertical, mountain springs, waterfalls roaring, cliff qirenrenzi, turn around, clouds rising, meteorological myriad, rare birds and strange animals haunt.

There are more than 100 species of wild vegetables and rare wild herbs, mountain streams, qifeng different stone, each warm summer cool, known as “nature air conditioning” reputation, is a good place for summer and leisure vacation. Monkey calls can be heard everywhere, panda tracks can be found everywhere. Scenic spot set of male, insurance, strange, beautiful, original, rare, mysterious, beautiful, especially since nearly forty years, successively into the ditch mysterious disappearances occurred more than human, make the Black Bamboo valley appears more magic, the news media at home and abroad call the “magic”, “the terror of death valley”, “China” a Bermuda, cause attention, Black Bamboo valley also ranked among both at home and abroad.

Aiming at the unique novelty, strangeness, danger, mysterious geomagnetic and mysterious legends of Black Bamboo valley, we should develop and perfect the ecotourism of Black Bamboo valley. Play Black Bamboo valley scenic area, successively to DaChuan waterfall, three ChaHe, Yin and Yang, the pyramids, Turk ma on shan peaks and various peaks, god tao Lin, sensation of cold is the mare go, leeches mountain, Mali wetland areas, such as Black Bamboo qifeng cliffs, unique to the valley fog pine vine, clear spring waterfall, valley fog, ancient towering, namely, flowers in full bloom, and her mysterious magnetism, mysterious legend, and small liangshan yi culture “o f Mo girl”, let visitors dream soul around, linger. Black Bamboo valley has its dangers.

The Black Bamboo valley is one of the most complete and primitive ecological communities in China, and it is an excellent landscape with rare animal and plant landscape, peak forest landscape, geological landscape, celestial landscape, water system landscape and cultural landscape. In the past, due to the poor geological environment and high cost of road construction, the road leading to the Black Bamboo valley was narrow and winding. Primitive, mysterious, magnificent and powerful, with many magical legends and unexplored areas.

According to its own conditions, landscape resources, social and economic conditions, location conditions, environmental quality and unique folk customs and other factors, the Black Bamboo valley has initially planned eight scenic spots, an adventure area and a hot spring health resort. These external reasons restrict the development of Black Bamboo valley scenic spots to some extent and delay the progress of yi nationality to get rid of poverty. The whole scenic area is divided into eight scenic areas: baiyangcheng historic site and garden area, swing tour and fishing welcome area, loess mountains mountaineering area, water song lyric area, fish forest village breeding base, huanglou Great Wall tour area, huangchang special breeding base, small tianshan ranch. After entering laoshan scenic area from dahedong mouth in the southwest of the scenic area, drive along laoshan scenic area tourist road from west to east, on one side you can see the open sea, on the other side is the lush mountains.

Baiyanggou scenic area is located in changpingliu village township, scenic area is located in the warm belt in front of the mountain, rich in resources, lush vegetation, beautiful environment, unique scenery. The tourist facilities in the scenic area are basically perfect, and the roads are partially hardened within the territory. There are all kinds of power and water supply facilities, and full-time tour guide services, including catering, accommodation, entertainment and shopping. The unique game catering will make you satisfied, enrich your holiday life, is the best place for exploration, summer vacation, vacation, party, recuperation. Tour Black Bamboo valley scenic spot, product original ecology, absorb 10,000 mu of oxygen bar, leisure fitness, relaxed and happy, such as fairyland; Watch the sea of clouds sunrise, enjoy the millennium cuckoo, full scenery, return to nature, mystery and wonders; Drink yi people’s water liquor, eat yi people’s meat tuo tuo, listen to yi women’s beautiful voice, see yi people’s bold and bold, dance around the campfire yi people’s body, let you in the beautiful mountains and rivers between the ancient mysterious yi culture.

In addition to the Black Bamboo valley, sichuan has many delicious food and beautiful scenery.