When it comes to glaciers, there are more of them in China than there are mountains and rivers. The vast majority of glaciers in China are distributed in the very high mountains in the west of the country. Hypoxia, high cold and snow and ice cover are inevitable, but there are also very few glaciers within reach. A glacier is a moving body of ice formed by a series of changes in snow over many years. Of course, the formation of glaciers must first have a certain amount of solid precipitation, not enough solid precipitation as “raw material”, is equal to “rice without cooking”, difficult to form a glacier.

In xizang, China, there is a village located in the middle of the snow-covered mountains, surrounded by six glaciers, and surrounded by ranwu lake, known as the “southwest yao lake”. China national geographic once praised it as “the most beautiful village”, which is called laigu village.

Laigu village is located in ranwu town, baisu county, xizang province. It is located in the abdomen of the belshura ridge in the southeast of the qinghai-tibet plateau. Laigu village is more than 20 kilometers away from the sichuan-tibet highway, surrounded by beautiful lakes and magnificent snow peaks. Standing here, you can not only see the runwu lake, but also see six Marine glaciers. Such natural landscape is unique in China and even in the world.

When you come to laigu village, you can see western American glacier, yalong glacier, ruojiao glacier, dongga glacier, xionga glacier and niuma glacier at the same time. Because these glaciers are all around laigu village, they are collectively known as ancient glaciers. Laigu glacier is the largest and widest known glacier in Tibet. The glacier is adjacent to ranwu lake, which is the source of palong zangbo.

Scattered between glaciers and snow-capped mountains and sit laigu village, is a small village at the end of the glacier, village surrounded by snow mountains, long each snowy mountains are pushed down huge fan glaciers, formed in the leading edge lake, so the surrounded by glaciers laigu village is a hidden in the idyllic village, though at an altitude of 4300 meters, but the original around covered with large forests, oxygen and some places more than with elevation, the wind blows from the glacier, moist, cool and refreshing.