JiaMa is located in the south of mozhugongka county, about 10 kilometers away from the county seat. The average altitude is about 3900 meters. JiaMa is a broad valley landform with a climate of semi-arid monsoon in plateau temperate zone, with a maximum annual temperature of 26.7c, a minimum temperature of -23c and an average annual temperature of 5.7c. It is bordered by zhangduo township, dazi county, Lhasa city, and is the lowest township in mozhugongka county. This is the birthplace of songtsen gambo.


Tunba in nimu county is the hometown of zathunmi sambo, the founder of Tibetan language, as well as a professional Tibetan incense making township in the whole region.


Yangpachen town, dangxiong county, Lhasa city, is located in the basin under tangla mountain, niancheng, Tibet. It covers an area of about 15 square kilometers. On both sides are towering snow-capped mountains, glaciers, virgin forests, the middle basin is green as grass, beautiful mountains, beautiful scenery.


Kaze city jurisdiction township, township government in tajie village, located in the southeast of the urban area, the west bank of the nanchu river, about 10 kilometers from the urban area. Day (kaze) ya (east) highway across the country. Xialu temple, built in the 11th century, is a national key cultural relic protection unit.

Jilong Town

Jilong Town is located 73 kilometers south of Jilong county, with an altitude of 2600 meters. It is a forest area. It is known as the world plant museum and can be called the kingdom of biology. The town has a thousand years old nepalese architectural style temple – pa ba temple.


Gyantse, which means “the summit of victory, the top of the palace” in Tibetan. Zongshan and baiju temple are the main tourist attractions. Through this area, shigaze-east highway was approved by the state council as a national historical and cultural city in 1996. Gyantse county is located in Gyantse town, on the north bank of the middle reaches of the nianchu river, with an altitude of 4,040 meters.

JiDing town

Shigatse district, the jurisdiction of the town of saja county, 318 national road through the territory.


Quzikaxiang is located in the south of mangkang county, 100 kilometers away from the county, lancang river, 2 kilometers away from the national highway 214 line. Quzikaxiang is one of the key points in the strategy of building a strong tourism economy and culture county in the east of Tibet. There is qu zika hot spring.

Ranwu town

Ranwu town, located in the west of the county, is 90 kilometers away from the county seat. The main tourist attractions are lake ranwu, laigu glacier. Sichuan-tibet highway is the only street in the small town of ranwu. There is not much place in ranwu, but there are mountains, rivers and lakes full of spirit, and there are not many meadows beside them. A ruyi white pagoda echoes the snow mountains in the distance, which shows the rich Tibetan culture here.

Gangtuo town

Qamdo district jiangda county jurisdiction town. Located in the east of the county, along the 317 national highway and across the river from dege county in sichuan province, it has high mountains and valleys, mild and humid climate, rich water and grass, and an average altitude of 3,100 meters. Is the first town of sichuan province into Tibet. Gangtuo, which means “place of concentrated population” in Tibetan. Key scenic spots and historic sites have 18 army crossing the mouth of the river, lang rao sacred mountain and so on.