The sky is pure blue in Tibet in winter. The climate is like the early winter in Beijing — warm, dry and cold, because there are fewer tourists like the tide, but restore the original honest and beautiful Tibet.

At an altitude of 2900 meters or so, nyingchi enjoys a good reputation as “the hinterland of shambhala”. The feeling of the clouds around the mountainside is amazing. Nyingchi millin county, the most famous snow – land – nan yi ditch is known as a mysterious xanadu.

Look up, mountain of ancient cypress, spruce, gongtong towering clouds, verdant and snow comparable; Ramble between, river valley plain meadow such as Yin, a flickering red wall blue tile of the Tibetan style building ornament, unexpectedly doubt the world still like this “fairyland”. Cuomu and sun of the glacial lake is regarded as a sacred lake, deep water quiet, let a person intoxicated.

The “sunshine city” Lhasa is the spiritual home of many people. At an altitude of more than 3,700 meters, the strong religious atmosphere and long historical relics make people excited.

The white walls of the potala palace, the highest ancient castle complex in the world, stand out against the winter sun. Walking slowly on the steps of the palace, bathed in warm sunshine, Lhasa city scenery panoramic view.

In front of jokhang temple, the believers throw themselves on all fates and worship reverently, making your heart awe-struck and your ears ring with “back to Lhasa”.

The earliest palace buildings in Tibet, yongblakang and zangyuan sanye temple, are less crowded and more peaceful. It is also a great place to hang a colorful wind-horse flag for the family to pray for the New Year.

Feel the extreme cold of the mirar pass, which is 5,013 meters above sea level, approach the loveliness of yaks and Tibetan fragrant pigs everywhere, overlook the lofty snow peaks in the Himalayan pass, and admire the emerald green of the yarlung zangbo river through the winding mountain road.

Great beauty Tibet, feel with heart!