On the southeastern edge of Tibet
There is a place called “Snowland Xiao Jiangnan”
This place is called Chayu

Chayu is located in the Himalayas and Hengduan Mountains
Excessive Tibetan alpine valley area
Although born in Tibet, it is not like Tibet.
Unique location and terrain
Let there be four seasons in a mountain, ten different days
Snowy mountains, glaciers, grasslands, rivers, step by step

On the left hand side there are cliffs and rushing Nujiang all the way
The cliff on the right hand is frightening
The thrill of the Cenzak line
Let Chad become a myth in the cross country
It has gradually become a concentrated place for self-driving into Tibet.

There are heads of the Chayu River and the Nujiang River.
Dozens of rivers rushing past
There are dense virgin forests and numerous wild species
There are also idyllic scenery in full bloom
Walking in the territory of Chayu, you can feel the power of nature.

There are ten ethnic groups and one unidentified nation in the territory of Chayu, and the rich national culture is moving.

The monks are not currently included in the 56 ethnic minorities in China. The monks in China are mainly concentrated in Chayu County, Tibet. Among them, the Xia tribe in Shaqiong Village, Chayu Town, is relatively familiar.

The monks who were originally living in Chayu lived in the mountains and lived the primitive life of slash and burn. But since 1968, the local government has given them land and built new wooden homes.

At Chad, you will be shocked by its magical and unique geological wonders.

The rivers in the alpine valleys are surging, and they are washed and polished by the perennial waters, forming a water-milled rock landscape of up to 800 meters.

The rushing waters of the Chayu River outline the rich and varied rock shapes at the bottom of the valley. The natural wonders make this place full of mystery and fantasy.

Another shocking thing is the Aza Glacier in the town of Chayu, the world’s lowest maritime glaciers.

The 20-kilometer long is like a silver dragon, and even a few kilometers of glaciers are wrapped in forests. This strange landscape gives it the title of “Green Sea Glacier”.

Before entering the Aza Glacier, you will see the green and the wooden houses looming in the dense bushes. This green scene is in sharp contrast with the coldness of the distant snow-capped mountains and glaciers.

The Chaba Tubagou National Nature Reserve is located in the middle of the city of Chayu County. The rolling hills and trees are standing proudly. The mountains are steep and the clouds are foggy, and the bottom of the valley is rushing.

This is Chayu, a place worthy of awe, worth exploring!