Legend has it that there is a lake in the west, she has the same color
As long as I have seen her, I can live forever.
You will never see a cloud of dark clouds in your eyes.
This is Namco.
With the warming of the temperature, Namco has completely thawed the lake.
At this time, it is also the best time to appreciate the “Tianhu”

On May 8th, the drone shot of the Nam Co Lake in Tibet

Namtso: The second largest lake in the Tibet Autonomous Region, surrounded by more than 1,500 large and small lakes. Mongolian and Manchu are called “Tenggriinol”, and Tibetan Namu Lake means Tianhu.

Namtso Travel Guide

1. Travel time
Opening hours: 6:00-18:00 Suggested play time: 1 day (likes photographers can stay in Namtso for one night) Best travel season: Best in summer. Travel to Tibet must avoid the rainy season and the cold winter.

2. Highlights

No.1 is everywhere
Damen Namucuo is an excellent place to photograph, and the angle of the hand can be the most beautiful scenery.

No.2 Intoxicating sunset
The sunset of Namtso, when strolling in the sunset of Nam Co, probably you will forget, what year is it.

No.3 Galaxy is at your fingertips
The star of Namtso, with an altitude of 4,700 meters, makes the atmosphere thin, and you can clearly feel that “the river is clear and shallow.”

No.4 Quiet paradise
Knight of Heaven, when calm, Namtso is a quiet paradise.

No.5 Heaven in the world
Namucuo passed through, this Buddha’s gleaming plateau, three steps and two steps is heaven.

No.6 The first wipe sunrise
The sunrise of Namtso, watching the sun go up a little bit in the darkness, one in the sky, one in the water.

3. Traffic
Lhasa to Namtso generally do not have a fixed shuttle bus, to Namco, generally choose to follow the group, chartered, self-driving. Lhasa has a lot of Namucuo day trips and two-day tours. It is usually a round-trip fare and tickets. The price is around 200 yuan. It will be set up at the Potala Palace in the morning and will come back that day. The chartered price will fluctuate according to the specific time.

Friends who go to Namtso by car should pay attention to seeing a signboard from the road that Dangxiong turns into Namtso, where you need to buy a ticket and another “Safety Responsibility”, otherwise it will be in the back checkpoint. fine.

4. Accommodation
There is no official hotel in the Namtso area, and the nearest hotel to Namtso is in Dangxiong Town. There are only tents and tin rooms in the scenic area. Now the whole Tibet house price rises, the cheapest 20 yuan / bed in Namtso accommodation, the price of better conditions will be more expensive, generally ranging from 30-300 yuan.

There are many tents on the Tashi Peninsula, which are rented exclusively for overnight tourists and small restaurants. The conditions are certainly not too good and the price is not low. Some self-guided tourists will bring their own sleeping bags, but it is not safe, the temperature difference between day and night is large, and it is cold at night, so it is easy to catch cold.

5. Catering
The places where Namtso eats are also concentrated on the island of Tashi. Most of the islands are Tibetan restaurants opened by Tibetans, and there are also some small restaurants opened by Sichuanese. Due to the high transportation cost, the price of vegetables is very high. It is best to bring some dry food to Namtso. If you stay in Namco, you can eat Tibetan glutinous rice and butter tea for breakfast. It is delicious and can alleviate the mountain reaction. .

6. Altitude reaction
Namtso is 4,718 meters above sea level and more than 1,000 meters higher than Lhasa (3,650 meters), so the altitude sickness in Namtso is much more serious than in Lhasa. Be sure to take a few days in Lhasa before going to Nam Co. The Tashi Peninsula is a low-lying hill. The ground is gravel, land and lichens. Be careful to walk slowly to prevent asthma or slip. It is best to take the medicine to prevent altitude sickness in advance. Such as Rhodiola capsules. If you are staying in the Tashi Peninsula, don’t be too excited before going to sleep. If you don’t have confidence in your body, then the oxygen bottle needs to be brought on, the vial is 40 yuan, the big bottle is 80 yuan, and many equipment stores can buy it.

7. Keep warm
The weather in Namtso is fickle, and the summer will suddenly cool down and snow, and the temperature will become very low at night. If you have a cold, you can cause high altitude pulmonary edema in one day, which is life-threatening. Therefore, please bring your thickest clothes on this trip, especially in the evening, be sure to keep warm. In the winter, when you go to Nam Co, you need to bring thick clothes, which is very cold. If you don’t have enough clothes, don’t worry, the Tashi Peninsula can also easily rent jackets, down jackets or military coats at a price of 30-80 yuan/day.

8. Bargaining
When taking pictures of the Yamaguchi, take care of the Tibetan sheep and cattle around you. He may find you to collect the money. If you don’t give the money, they may move rough. In addition, there are uniform charges for the Namtso horseback riding. The price, first talk about the price and then ride, otherwise it may be asking for the price.

9. Police begging
There are many children at the lake who will ask you to reach out for money. It will be a reason for you to take pictures for you. It is now popular to say that giving them money is condoning a bad behavior. We do not agree or disagree with this statement. At this 5,000-meter-high holy but cold lake, all survival is difficult.

10. Self-protection
Bring a flashlight and go to the toilet at night to get things done; there are a lot of wild dogs in the area, and the glare of the flashlight will help. In addition, whether it is summer or winter, it is best to wear sunglasses, sun hat and sunscreen. The ultraviolet rays on the plateau are very strong, and the snow and ice will be very glaring.