Daocheng yading is located in the southwest of ganzi Tibetan autonomous prefecture in sichuan province, in the east of the famous qinghai-tibet plateau, in the middle of the hengduan mountains. Yading means “the land of the sun” in Tibetan, also known as nyenching gongga risong gongbu, which means “the holy land”. All the beautiful scenery you want is here in yading. On the way to litang, the road is winding, the scenery is beautiful, and the unpredictable clouds in the sky indicate the elevation.

Starting from Shanghai, the altitude of the escort instrument increased all the way, from tens of meters to thousands of meters. It was really a different feeling. Generally, people about 2700 meters would have high reverse, so they installed this escort instrument several years earlier.

After driving along the mountain road for a period of time, the vision gradually broadens, in front of us, is a beautiful prairie, let us excited, compared to a few days, the crisis, always worried about falling rocks, landslides on the road, here is really exciting

There are many wild animals on the plateau, as well as cattle and sheep grazing by herdsmen.” Sun jiazhen, director of the environmental protection department of the transportation design institute of liya road design unit and provincial transportation department, said that liya road crosses the plateau and influences the movement path of some animals.

Under the bright sunshine, a cluster of gesang flowers, Persian chrysanthemum competition, asphalt like in the flower belt, reflected in the road to the blue sky and white clouds, every Angle into the United States postcard.

There are flowers everywhere. They are beautiful.

Plateau climate is really changeable, with the elevation of the altitude, arrived at litang, half an hour ago was rainy sky actually clear, blue sky, white clouds, vast wilderness, vast grassland, although hypoxia, but still feel fresh air, everything is so beautiful.