If you want to travel and take risks to meet the wonderful scenery you have never seen before, and to experience a fulfilling life that you never thought of, then meeting with you is the most beautiful adventure I can think of! Passionate lake

Also known as Duoqing Lake, the snow-capped mountains of the Qing Dynasty are as slim as the fairies, the blue waters are quiet, sparkling, with cold light, the lakeside grass is slightly red, the lake is gently swaying on the grass, water plants and beaches. Can be clearly seen in the passionate lake. Grass and water, lakes and mountains, become romantic with this name, and the human heart seems to be as clear as water. Namtso

Namtso Tibetan is the meaning of “Tianhu”. It is located in the southeast of the Tibetan Plateau, north of Nyainqentanglha Mountain, in Dangxiong County and Bangor County of Tibet Autonomous Region. For hundreds of years, countless believers have come to Namtso sincerely. They are not for excursions. They only want to turn around. If they can walk around the lake, they will be able to gain profound knowledge and infinite merits, and will give up bad habits and pains. Positive fruit. Not only that, but Namtso is also a holy place for many tourists. Mabian

Mabianyu is one of the three holy lakes in Tibet and one of the highest freshwater lakes in Tibet. Its Tibetan language means “invincible Jasper Lake”. Many religious books and legends have described Mabian Gyatso, which is described in the Tibetan ancient book “The Gangdese Mountain Haizhi”: there is a dragon palace of the Guangcai Dragon King in the holy lake, and the Dragon Palace gathers in the world. Numerous treasures. Those who come here to pilgrimage, as long as they circle the lake or get a small stone in the lake and the feathers of a bird by the lake, they will be rewarded by the Dragon King. The numerous lakes in Tibet add a touch of charm to these beautiful myths and legends. Laonco

Tibetan means “poisonous black lake”, located in Alibland County, although it is separated from the freshwater Mabian Gyatso, and it is said that the lakes and lakes are connected at the bottom, but the ghost lake is a saltwater lake, so the lakes and rivers are not drinkable. Perhaps the origin of the name “Ghost Lake”. Although it is called Ghost Lake, there are incomparable stunning and enchanting, many of the most beautiful lakes in Tibet recognized by the best friends. Yam Zhuo

Yangzhuocuo Lake is 4441 meters above sea level, 130 kilometers from east to west, 70 kilometers from north to south, with a lake area of ​​678 square kilometers. The lakeshore is more than 250 kilometers long and the lake is 30 to 40 meters deep. The deepest is in the eastern part of the lake and in the lake. Near the southern part of the island, nearly 60 meters, was originally an outflow lake, connected to the Yarlung Zangbo River. Yam Zhuo is like a paper fan that spreads from the northwest to the southeast and narrows to the south. There are more than 20 small islands in the lake, each with independent water surface. There are many kinds of waterfowl on the island. There are a large number of migratory birds in the winter. It is the largest waterfowl habitat in Tibet. When provoked

When Jalan is located at the bottom of a deep lake basin, it is said that the lake can change three colors in one day. The east bank of the lake is a red mountain wall that stretches continuously and stands like a screen. The steps washed by the lake are circled from the top of the lake to the lakeside. Ramlaco

“Lam” means “fairy, goddess” and “pull” means “lake”. According to legend, “Lamla is wrong” is the goddess of the Pandanam, the goddess of the Pandanma, which the Tibetan people respect very much. Legend has it that the holy lake has the power to predict the “three generations” before, after and after, and can present the future destiny of everyone who goes to worship the lake of God. As long as you devote yourself to the lake, the holy lake can show the future for the pilgrims. Various sights. Take the sun

In the winter, the surface of the lake is tens of centimeters thick. People can go to the small island in the middle of the lake to play through the lake. It is said that this island once had an old grandmother all year round, except for the winter shopping. Time is living on the island, it seems to be deliberately avoiding the hustle and bustle of the world. The leisurely life is very enviable. It is said that the hole in the island is still preserved, and the weather is getting warmer. In the four or five months of each year, the ice on the lake gradually melts. The whole lake is like a blue mirror. As long as it is the person who goes to the sho, it will not be able to stay here, and take a photo with “she”. Feeling! Tricolor Lake

Also known as “Puyu Sansehu”, it is located in the fault zone of the Nujiang Gorge fault. The terrain is complex. The tricolor lake is composed of Black Lake, Baihu Lake and Huanghu Lake. The gorgeousness of Baihu Lake, the deepness of the Black Lake, and the mystery of the Yellow Lake. Let the colors of the Three Lakes be different, stand on the hills surrounding the Black Lake, and enjoy the panoramic view of the Yellow Lake, the Black Lake and the White Lake. In the dense forests of the mountains, rare wild animals jump into the eye and feel The dazzling light of the Millennium Glacier near Shenhu Lake and the cool breeze blowing down can not help but sigh the masterpiece of nature. When

There are fewer people going to Ali, fewer people walking the Ali North Line, and fewer people going to the squatting, such as Mabian Gyatso and Laangso, when they are as close as they are. A twin lake that evolved as the address changed. Like a jade falling from the sky, quietly inlaid in the mountains, the east bank of the lake is a continuous, screen-like crimson mountain wall, the ladder washed by the lake from the top of the lake The enclosure has been wrapped around the lake. Selincho

It is the largest lake in Tibet and the second largest saltwater lake in China. However, it is located in the hinterland of the Tibetan area. There are countless rings in the body, but few people have come. According to scientific research, the area of ​​Selincuo has reached 10,000 square kilometers. Retreating from it, we have separated dozens of satellite lakes, such as Grencuo, Qiu, Yaju Dongcuo, Bangogozuo and Wu Rucuo, which are the lowest-tune lakes on the Northern Line of Ali. Zhegu Lake

The entire lake is about 70 square kilometers, with an average water depth of about 20 meters. The lake is clear, there are various kinds of fish growing in the lake, and the birds on the lake gather. The lake is surrounded by vast expanses of prairies and rolling snow-capped mountains. The lakes and mountains in the scenic area have a panoramic view. In front of you, you can watch the rolling snow-capped mountains in Luozha County. It is like a dragon dancing, which is very spectacular with the setting sun, and behind it is the majestic Yala Xiangbu Snow Mountain. At an altitude of 4,100 meters, it is the land of the holy lake of Bon. Sijin Lacuo

The local people called Shenhu, the king of the richest man, also known as the God of Wealth. The kind and sincere people will get good fortune. The Mozhusi Jinlongwang who lives here is a veritable rich man. It is said that he Treasures are scattered throughout the snowy mountains and rivers, and are decorated with various precious herbs and trees, flowers, and wild animals, so that all kinds of birds and animals in nature can walk freely around the lake, play freely, and live without any worries. On the shore of the lake, there are a lot of people standing on the banks of the lake. The lake is not too big. It can be completed within two hours on foot.