I believe everyone has a dream of Tibet. Whether it is a road trip, a bike ride or even a hike, there are countless beautiful scenery in Tibet, but hidden dangers also exist. In the real Tibet, beauty is certain, but it is also dangerous.

No one knows what kind of situation he will face when he goes to Tibet for the first time. Danger may happen at any time on the way of such a long journey.

Altitude sickness

Death from altitude sickness is not alarmist. Every year, people die of altitude sickness. A strict physical examination must be carried out before entering the plateau. Patients with severe anemia or hypertension should not enter the plateau blindly.

This is a problem we need to face up to. It is recommended that when you first come to Tibet, you should share a car or take a train instead of a plane. If your body suffers from altitude sickness, you may go back to where you came from and lose the sense of travel. The former is a little less likely to have a high inversion, because during the journey, the altitude is constantly rising, the body has a process of adaptation.

Because of its high altitude, the oxygen content in xizang is about 20 to 30 percent lower than that in the interior. Have altitude reaction, or altitude reaction is heavy not heavy, the demand that depends on an individual to oxygen. Arrive xizang area, can rest in the hotel first, always need to consume a lot of oxygen action or activity, everyone as far as possible do not do, the first to xizang must not rush to take a bath, this is a matter that outsiders into Tibet must remember.

Natural disasters

It is common to hear of people, cars trapped by landslides, and even landslides washed away their lives. Many friends have been to Tibet, the weather there should have a deep experience, one second clear skies, the next second lightning. In this case, an accident occurs.

No one can control this, but it can be avoided. It is suggested that the first time to Tibet friends, do not choose to drive, can find an old driver with Tibet experience, so that travel more secure. After all, they have been driving on this road for years, not only familiar with the road conditions, but also able to make the right decision when the situation arises.


You might be confused by this, right? How can traveling on a budget endanger lives in Tibet? It is undeniable that there is some danger. Although spend the least money to see the most beautiful scenery, but it has too many uncertain factors, the society has many good people and bad people.

Most of the hikers on a budget are students who lack awareness of the dangers. In previous years, there have been a lot of accidents in the news about budget trips, so many lost contact with tourists and victims of the news. Especially if you go to Tibet alone, no one is there to accompany you. Who can help you when the mountain is high and the water is far away? The second is to ride a car, do not know the stranger, you can not get to know a person in a short time. Not afraid of ten thousand afraid in case, the heart of the prevention of people can not have, harm the heart can not have, these things are no doubt to take their own lives in jest ah.

If you want to challenge yourself to ride to Tibet, be sure to join a professional cycling team that can provide you with a safe logistics.

Before you go to Tibet, give yourself a relaxing vacation, a sufficient budget, and make full preparations to realize your “perfect Tibetan dream”!