Daocheng Yading is a poem and a distant place in everyone’s heart. Under the Shenshan Mountain in Sangdui Village, Daocheng County, there is a Bangpu Temple that has been around for 900 years. The whole temple is built on the mountain, and the green trees are vividly seen.

A circle outside the temple is surrounded by a prayer wheel. From time to time, you can meet the Tibetans who have turned around. In this green mountain and green water, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, you will be surrounded by the glitz of the world and listen to your inner thoughts!

Bangpu Temple is hidden in the snowy mountain forest, so it seems more mysterious. There are only more than one hundred people practicing this again. If you have enough time to listen to the lessons, turn to the whole temple.

The Bangpu Temple is sparsely populated. Although it is small in size, it is very aura. When entering the temple, it is quiet to hear footsteps and bird screams. I dare not speak loudly, and I am afraid to disturb this clean.

On the rock wall of Houshan, there are many ancient murals and practiced caves. One of the ancient words is said to be “I walked through Tibetan areas. This is the most beautiful place.” This must be the oldest temple in Tibetan areas. Let’s go!

If Seda Buddha College is a true Buddhist travel destination, Bangpu Temple in Sangdui Town, Daocheng County must be the most mysterious and oldest temple in the Buddhism culture, standing in the Buddhist altar under the blue sky.

Like a devout practitioner, turning every economy, you must turn clockwise to each economy, leaving a precious photo, the long and mysterious of Bangpu Temple attracts you? A stop to go to the Aden scenic spot.