Back to Lhasa, back to budala

In July, this is my second time to Tibet, when once again standing on the observation deck look up to the potala, in my heart is still unable to suppress the heart excited, this is my dream, there have been one thousand times the sacred palace, Lhasa is the capital of Tibet, here not only has a long history and unique customs, religion, color is rich, is also a lot of people aspire to the city of sunlight, because the journey far and high altitude, a good many people yearning but could not arrive in the distance.

Put on Tibetan style rich Tibetan robe, a walk to the barkhor, jokhang temple, speak six words, rotate the barrel, Lhasa has a mysterious fate, and I may be past, I just in front of the Buddha that violet, revolving around mountains turn water turn pagoda, not for repairing the afterlife, only in order to meet this life in this way and Lhasa, shuttle in the crowd, I am a Tibetan woman, wanli far go to, also just to go to the heart of the agreement.

Come to Tibet, just discover Tibetan cate, it is not the simple and straightforward in our imagination, also can be delicate, still be big mouth eats meat, the place dish with heart, careful choose makings, let vision and taste bud have great satisfaction.

Traveling is just a way to relax. It doesn’t mean much. You take the attitude of playing, don’t travel too high, always think to travel can change life, this is absolutely impossible to achieve.

The greatest meaning of travel, is meaningless. If in the journey, realized the life significance, then I congratulate you; If you don’t realize the meaning of life, then it’s ok, just relax.

Travel is meaningless, so love to travel, do not despise each other. Why not be friends and go with me next time? Or can become bosom friends, sharing travel anecdotes and tips, this is better?

Travel, is to leave the familiar place of life, and then different return.

Travel, is to return to the place of departure, and re-know it.

Travel, is a point on the map, leaving their own footprints, and then slowly recall and taste.

As for the meaning of travel, I believe everyone has different answers.

Time is much faster than you think, it is in your hesitation and waiting in a hurry.

Go where you want to go, do what you really want to do.

Don’t wait till it’s too late.