In addition to the potala palace, this time I went back to Lhasa and went to another temple I liked very much before — zayeba temple.

Zhayeba temple is 36 kilometers away from Lhasa, located in yeba ditch, yeba village, bangdui township, dazi county, northeast of Lhasa river. The whole temple building is closely embedded in the cliff peak wall. It has a history of more than 1500 years, and is also one of the famous temples in the history of Tibet.

Zhayeba temple is a cave temple built on the mountain, one of the four meditation places in Tibetan areas, and most buddhist halls are built in caves. There is a saying in Tibetan areas: if you do not reach Lhasa until you reach zayeba, it is like not making a collar for a newly made Tibetan robe. There are many practice caves here, which are the places where senior monks practice their virtues. According to the records of Tibetan religious history, senior monks such as songtsan gambo, the king of Tibet, and the first princess monsa practiced zen here.

We had planned to catch the sunrise in the morning, but when we entered the winding mountain road, it began to rain heavily. After circling to the top of the mountain, the heavy rain turned into snow, covering the whole mountain and the temple. It was a wonderful experience.

After waiting in the car for an hour, the snow finally stopped. Outside the window, it was like a wonderland. Tibet is really a magical place.

We slowly go to the top of the temple, far away to see a cloud and mist floating over, but also sigh this cloud and mist is really beautiful, as a result, it immediately floated over, the whole mountain and the temple are covered, visibility less than 10 meters, it is too not kua…

Wait for a long time in the middle of the mountain, until the sun lifted the clouds before dissipating, back against the towering snow mountains, zhayeba temple back to her original appearance.

In addition to its reputation, there is also a famous guanyin holy water here. Many local people come here specially to drink and fetch water. We also have a bottle of it, which is really sweet and clear. Driver master also joked that this can cure all kinds of diseases, cure a high anti certainly no problem, also do not know is in the mind hint or what, drink before I or high anti blast go two steps on the weak, drink after really gradually good, Tibetan area is really a magical place.

Densely scattered around the mountains: gandan temple

Gandan temple, together with drepung temple and sera temple, is located in wanggur col, south bank of Lhasa, dazi county, Tibet. By the gelug sect of Buddhism in Tibet (yellow religion) founder zongkhaba construction, gelug sect for the first temple.

Gandan temple occupies almost the entire mountain, quite spectacular. The murals and sculptures in the temple are exquisite, and many cultural relics are preserved. In addition to qianlong’s armor, there are many exquisite silken thangkas, many of them jiangsu embroidery from the early Ming dynasty, which were brought back from the hinterland to Lhasa for the gandan temple after the disciple “sakya also lost” went to nanjing to be sealed.

As a top of the temple, is a long time to see the circle mountain road, remember to take out the camera to take the whole picture, to the front but can not take the momentum of the whole mountain.

We came to gandan temple at noon, big top light is not very friendly to take photos, hurry a little pity, hope next time there is a chance to shoot in the setting sun. The whole temple quiet, only two or three lamas walked by, dotted with red and white monastery.

The bright red and yellow in Tibetan areas are really good for each other. With the blue sky, they are the harmonious three primary colors. The color aesthetics in Tibetan areas is really worth learning from.

Reflecting mountains and rivers and the Milky Way — golden pond

In Tibet, rivers and lakes with their reflections of mountains and blue skies always pass by, making it tempting to stop and take photos. One such place is the golden pond near dazi county, where trees, mountains, blue skies and white clouds are reflected in the shadows.

Cute cows can also be photographed on the beach.

It’s amazing to have a drone that can capture very Tibetan layers.

I was so impressed with this place that I drove in the middle of the night to photograph the Milky Way on my last day. Although the Milky Way is not in the direction of the pond, you can get a nice view on both sides. Occasionally, passing car lights can illuminate the mountains and trees below, giving the picture a layer. It was a nice surprise.

You can’t see the Milky Way from this direction of the pond, but you can clearly see the big dipper. Can you see it?

No one can resist the beauty of the sheep lake

Yamdrok, magar and namco are known as three sacred lakes in Tibet. In Tibetan hearts it is seen as a “turquoise eardrop scattered by a goddess”. It is also the most photogenic place in my opinion. Although the journey is a little long, I still drive to see it without hesitation.

On the way to yanghu, mountains and rivers rise up, and at different passes you can see rows of snow-capped mountains in the distance. Overlooking yamdrok yamdrok from the khumbala pass, different layers of extremely rich blue appear at different times of exposure. Walking or camping on the lake is the best way to experience yamdrok.

Unfortunately, we came to this day a little cloudy, the color of the lake is a little gray, the wind bursts, but still has a kind of beauty that can not be ignored

Prayer flags flutter at the golden hill

Prayer flags are arguably the most visible signs of Tibetan areas, and they hang at the 4,200 level of the mountain pass where they passed through the dazina mountain when they first left Lhasa. A highway cuts the pass in half, and prayer flags stretch from one end of the highway to the other, covering the sky and crossing the snowy mountains in a stunning way.

In the na jinshan also saw a charm of the small purple flowers, drivers said that this is actually a thorn, thorn beautiful flowers, sounds romantic and dangerous.