Six years ago in the graduation trip to Lhasa, just put here as a transit point to Nepal, Lhasa at that time gave me a lot of shock and feeling, is only limited to time and photography, did not leave much more special satisfactory photos, this time finally can slowly walk here, feel the profound culture and the cultural atmosphere here.

Potala palace can’t be seen from 360 degrees

The first thing for every traveler who comes to Lhasa is to see the potala palace, the highest and most magnificent palace in Shanghai, which is the most important symbol of Lhasa and even Tibet. See her standing on the hill, emitting elegant and magnificent light, can finally breathe a sigh of relief, really confirmed that he finally came to Lhasa, came to buda.

Six years later, when I returned to potala palace, nothing changed in the square, that is, the entrance fee changed from 70 to 200… 6 years ago, I thought tickets were too expensive, so I had to spend more money to get in. In fact, the price is not a problem, but at present the potala palace all adopt the reservation system, if time is limited, I suggest you to apply for a local tour, you can make an appointment relatively quickly. For me, who did not enter the potala palace six years ago, this is the completion of a long-cherished dream.

Attention to visit must have a reservation ticket to enter the cloth palace door, known as a door, can be 2 hours in advance to enter a door, and then can be free tour treasure museum. Then follow the guide into the two doors and three doors, officially entered the cloth palace to visit.

After entering the second door will start to climb the stairs, if it is the first day to Lhasa, it is recommended not to rashly go to visit the cloth palace, the physical strength of the people may not climb on the high reverse.

The potala palace is mainly composed of the red palace and the White House. The highest red palace in the middle is an important place for religious ceremonies. Visitors can visit part of the White House and most of the red palace on the east side, but are not allowed to take photos once inside.

The dark red walls of the potala palace are not stones, but tamarix branches. It not only has solemn and solemn adornment effect, still because of the action of white horse grass, can build by laying bricks or stones of the wall of building top floor a few thinner, reduce the weight of wall body thereby.

In addition to visiting the potala palace itself, photographing the potala palace is also a must for every traveler who comes to Lhasa. This time, we carefully found several shooting positions, which can be recommended here:

The famous medicine king mountain, is the RMB 50 to shoot the place, 6 years ago also needs 3 yuan ticket, now has been free! Yawangshan has three floors, and the third floor is the most standard RMB Angle. However, the third floor is a modern baluster, and there are a lot of people who stand on a tripod. Therefore, it is recommended to shoot portraits on the second floor.

In front of potala palace square, you can pour a bottle of water to pat the reflection. This is in douyin school. The effect is not bad

The restaurant on the roof of phuncuo kangsang viewing hotel can capture the potala palace on the side.

There are pools in the parks before and after the potala palace, which can be used to take photos of the reflection of the potala palace. The one I took is the dragon king pond on the back. It is better to go there in the morning, when the water is calm

There is a small lake in the nanshan park of Lhasa, which is a very suitable place for photographing the reflection of potala palace. We arrived at sunset, but unfortunately there was no light shining on the potala palace.

Tibetan girl in barkhor street

Barkhor street is a famous turning road in Lhasa, a large area of traditional tibetan-style street with jokhang temple as the center, which is called “holy road” by tibetans.

This time, my friends and I chose a more interesting way to visit barkhor street: rent a Tibetan costume, take photos and experience as local people. Here are some tips:

In barkhor street, there are several shops renting Tibetan clothes, which are basically shops integrating makeup, hair, clothing and photography. Since my friends and I can take photos and make up by ourselves, we just rent Tibetan clothes and headgear and go out to take photos by ourselves. If the photography level is not very high and the makeup hand disabled party students, or you can suggest using the store’s service, according to my observation effect is still good.

There are many kinds of Tibetan clothes, I chose a red and white match, but a little thick. Tiara is also essential, after trying small tiara and gorgeous tiara, I still chose gorgeous hang, although heavy but the effect is good! The result is that this headgear is really too heavy, to the later period really really pressure my skull pain.

As we planned to go to the potala palace after shooting the barkhor street, we rented the Tibetan clothes for half a day (4 hours), 180/ half a day, and the headwear is about 240. Although the price is nearly enough to buy one set on taobao, the experience is quite good.

Barkhor street is littered with large and small temples, prayer wheels, Tibetan doors, yellow walls are good background for shooting, of course, to the entrance of jokhang temple is a very good choice.

It is early afternoon when people are still in Tibet. Jokhang temple is full of people coming and going. Here you can see pious pilgrims kneeling down a few steps and local people walking leisurely.