How long have you not looked up,

See a starry sky with stars?

Remember the night sky when you were little?

I didn’t look up then,

You can see the beautiful stars,

Stars all over the sky, with darkness as the background,

Pearly drops all over the sky.

Lie on the grass with your hands under your head,

Talking to a friend, or counting the stars alone,

With the cool wind, I fell asleep…

However, I don’t know when it started.

Up you can see a few sparse stars

It was a rare surprise for us.

Not to mention the sky.

Today, I share my wonderful view of the sky with you.

This summer, we are going to a grand “star-chasing” road.

The most moved stars


Sertar in the evening, in the light of a thousand feet,

Golden dusk, red barn,

The shining pagoda seems to be here

In this moment you see eternity,

There is no darkness but light.

When the lamp came up, it lit up the whole of seda,

Climb to the top of the mountain and look up at 30,000 feet of stars,

The bow is across the boundless sea of lights.

Under the sky, thousands of hut-red huts,

Surrounded by several resplendent halls,

Between the temples, a pathway is lighted,

Trance thought is leading to paradise.

The most atmospheric sky

Dunhuang mingsha mountain

Yellow sand is long, and stars like day.

Red sunsets on mingsha mountain

Sinking down the distant dunes,

It’s the stars.

Looking at the stars at mingsha mountain, it’s very quiet.

As if the whole universe were yours,

The soft sand caresses your face with the desert wind.

The mountain cries resounded in the night wind.

In the boundless desert, the night is very simple, stars like curtain, atmosphere clear.

Unlike the natural scenery, there is more culture here,

Listen carefully, the camel bell of the ancient silk road still rings in my ears.

The purest sky

Qinghai Lake

And now that the night is dark and I have fallen asleep,

And this area of the sky is still awake,

The stars all over the sky are like qinghai lake in another world,

Stars were everywhere in sight.

The stars don’t even have to look up. They sit on the mountain, all the time.

Unlike the urban haze, the sky above the plateau lake,

Is to see the Milky Way, clear as a river of mercury,

From the vault of heaven to the distance beneath our feet, there was a purple glow.

In the ink-blue night sky, a few stars,

Like a gem set on it, reflected in the lake.

The stars on the clear lake of qinghai,

Suddenly I felt like I saw two stars,

Look up is, bow is, difficult way heaven and earth closed 2 for one?

If you expose the camera for a long time,

Record the movements of the stars,

It’s like walking into van gogh’s starry night.

The clearest sky


Urumchi elevation is high, thin clouds,

Especially in the suburbs at night,

All lights are gone, in the middle of the gobi,

There are stars and no clouds.

As far as the eye can see, large and small, flashing.

The halos vary from gold to slightly bluer starlight.

Nights in xinjiang are generally two hours later than those in the south.

So it was after dark.

Now the sky is clear and transparent,

One by one, you can’t help but reach out and pick them off.

The most shocking starry sky


Through a storm and thunder in the night,

Arrived at the heavy rain just stopped a section of the mountains,

Suddenly into a fairy tale world,

It’s the stars I’ve never seen before.

The stars here are not the stars we usually think of,

But like large, hairy, living lanterns,

A like in a dream, reach out to pick that way.

The night is like a big wall,

The walls were covered with twinkling lanterns.

The sky on the plateau really feels very close to you,

And over his head he made darkness as day,

At the moment, no camera can express that shock,

Only in the heart, always remember its beauty.

The most romantic starry sky

Chaka Salt Lake

The air smelt of salt.

The stars are shining, reflecting on Salt Lake,

Each other like heaven

Walking under the stars at Chaka Salt Lake,

Stars above, stars below,

Occasionally a breeze blows across the water,

The reflection of starlight in the water

It danced like a candle.

Beautiful lake and mountain scenery.

The lake was blue at times,

Now and then there was a rush of green.

Along the little train under the stars,

Go straight on,

Will you walk into the fairy tale?

When the stars fall on the salt lake,

When a meteor streaks across the sky,

Just for one night,

You’ll love Chaka Salt Lake nights.

Closest to the stars

Lake Nam

Lake Nam, 4718 meters above sea level, is the closest Lake to heaven.

During the day, Lake Nam has clear water and blue sky, reflecting with clouds.

Lake Nam at night, calls up the stars of the universe

There is a closer distance than li bai’s poem “the hand can pick the star morning”.

Standing by the lake and looking up at the stars,

You’ll be amazed by the stars,

Stop chasing the stars,

Use your lens to describe your star-chasing story.

When the sky was completely dark,

The Milky Way falls like a cascade of bright pearls,

It’s like reaching out and touching.

The sky above is brilliant, the heart is picturesque.

The most fantastic stars

Black river,

Can never forget,

Looking up at the Milky Way just overhead,

Like a dragon,

Put up a tent and camp here

It’s romantic enough

With the night sky,

A few tents, a few night lights,

Friends, talk about life under the stars,

This is the fantasy of starry night camping.

Quiet night,

The charming scenery under the stars,

The wind blows colorful prayer flags,

Cloud roll cloud shed, see a night, meteor sayin!

A love with a star,

Quiet and deep, remote and simple,


The brightest stars

Sayram lake

Did you see Sayram lake at night?

They say the magnificent stars of ili valley are like the end of the world.

Bright stars, vast galaxy,

The whole night sky seemed to be a giant dome movie,

I can’t believe this is a true manifestation of nature

The night is deeper, the stars are thicker, the drummer can reach,

The stars were shining, and at that moment,

I wish time would stand still and dream with stars.

Open the tent, looking at the night bustling;

Into the sleeping bag, pillow is the sound of waves.

Such an experience, I do not know how many people wake up,

And how many people dream.

Romantic sky always let a person full of reverie,

Looking up at the stars, time seems to be quiet,

Life seems to become transparent, the mood becomes as clear as the night sky.

To go outside and enjoy the stars is undoubtedly a generous gift from nature,

Even in a clear night sky, the lights of a city dim the stars a little,

Can’t show its full charm.

When your life is filled with work and overtime,

Don’t forget to look up at the stars.

Return to that year look up at the stars, dream of their own.