Not to western sichuan, I do not know the beauty of China; Not to kangding, I do not know the beauty of sichuan; If you haven’t been to Mu ya Paradise, how dare you say you have seen the most beautiful sichuan?

Mu ya Paradise

It is called the first scenic area in Tibet

Has the photography paradise core scenic spot title

It is the first Buddha’s light viewing place on the sichuan-tibet line

It has the highland flower sea which matches hulun buir

It has a sea of clouds like gongga on the sacred mountain

It’s suffocating but painfully low-key

In Mu ya Paradise, you don’t have to look for a viewing spot.

For the whole Mu ya Paradise, there is nothing but suffocating summer scenery; As long as I look up, I always see a picture. As long as listen carefully, always hear a song.

Folk song and stream chords, dance steps and white clouds intertwined, gorgeous and colorful flower sea, the sea of flowers with the wind slightly rippling attracted bees fly butterfly dance, and the galloping horse, cattle and sheep…

Everyone will be shocked by the overwhelming beauty.

If the eye full of beauty is not enough, here can also explore the ancient brilliant muya culture, looking at the most beautiful gongga!

Mu ya Paradise

A forgotten corner!

Mu ya Paradise, flower field

The Mu ya Paradise has the largest concentration of wild flowers in Mu ya Paradise, which is a sea of flowers from June to August every year.

It was the place where king muya and his people held festivals and grand ceremonies, and where princess muya loved to play.

The color here is also particularly rich, red yellow purple wildflowers are round after round blooming, quite amazing.

There is also a long boardwalk beside the flower sea. You can ride the horse to the highest point of the boardwalk to see the mountains you have crossed.

If you’re lucky, you might even meet some cute marmots

Mirror view makeup, turn prayer

“Mirror view makeup” is when princess wood ya dressing up place, here the lake is clear as a mirror, very charming.

It is said that the lake here is very human, as long as you look at the lake, you will find that the people in the lake must be more beautiful than yourself!

The lake changes color 24 hours a day, from white to dark blue, and what color you can see here is all a matter of luck!

Winding through is ermiqu river, also known as the milk river, is the mother river of raising the muya nation. Every summer there is a luxuriant field of wild flowers and luxuriant grass.

From the lake up, there is a row of turnstile corridor, you might as well learn to hide all the way turnstile, make a small wish!

Buddhist sound send blessing, ancient temple look for good news

Ranti temple is a famous Tibetan buddhist temple of muya. It has a history of more than 600 years, and it has the oldest muya culture mark here.

There are white pagodas, resplendent temples and the stamp of wood culture.

Every Tibetan festival, here is singing and dancing, surrounded by the light of faith.

Cloud sea Buddha light, mountains screen

Mu ya Paradise can be called as the first viewing place of Buddha’s light cloud sea on the 318 national highway. It is said that the viewing rate of sunshine jinshan and Buddha’s light at the beginning is as high as 50%!

With a line of gongga peak, a sea of clouds everywhere, and the sun shining in the early morning and evening, the 50% rate is a scream!

Every morning after six o ‘clock, you can get on the sightseeing bus and go straight to the best view of the sunrise sea of clouds.

Eat, sleep and enjoy authentic Muya culture

If you are not in a hurry, stay next door to the scenic spot and experience a real Tibetan life!

Accommodation is independent Tibetan villas, heating, hot water, Internet everything, and hotel facilities are authentic ethnic style.

How can a comfortable stay experience be without the help of food and dance?

After a trip to the mountains, the point of a table Tibetan food yak hot pot, listening to the song, watching the performance, super cool!