Tibet is arguably one of the most attractive tourist destinations in China and the world, and despite its highest altitude in the world, many people continue to visit it.

Lake Nam is a must-see in Tibet, as many people agree.

Namtso is one of the three sacred lakes in Tibet, with an elevation of 4,718 meters. Generally, tourists go to zhaxi peninsula on the south bank of Lake Nam, while tourists in recent years are keen on the holy elephant heaven gate on the north bank of Lake Nam, opposite the sacred Lake and sacred mountain nyenching tangula.

That is to say, Lake Nam has five peninsulas protruding into the water from different directions, among which tashi peninsula is the most famous and popular one.

A day’s sightseeing on the zhaxi peninsula from Lhasa is enough, and a day’s round trip to Lake Nam is also an option for many tourists. In fact, you can only see Lake Nam in this arrangement, because it is already noon when you arrive at zhaxi peninsula. At this time, the sunlight is the strongest, namely the top light. Although beautiful, Lake Nam, which is full of phosphorescence in the sapphire blue Lake, still lacks something called “breathtaking”.

I have been to Lake Nam for four times, and I have to stay for one night each time. I have seen Lake Nam around noon and early in the morning and late in the evening, which are really beautiful. It can be said that in the soft light of morning and night, the jewel-blue lake is very rich, and the nyenching tangula is even more majestic, and the surroundings of the original magnificent atmosphere are hidden into peace and quiet.

If you are lucky, you can also see colorful sunsets, brilliant sunset clouds, gorgeous stars and sacred sunrise. Small make up have seen a thrilling fire clouds, the horizon such as fire heaven……

The most beautiful Lake Nam, watching sunrise in the morning and sunset in the evening. However, the accommodation conditions in Lake Nam are quite difficult. It is very cold at night, and there are serious problems with high temperature. It is also very difficult to stay for a night, so we have to make a choice according to our physical conditions.