You ask me

Ali, what does it look like?

Why, do people remember?

I said,

Ali, the beginning of the world

Here, pure, ancient, broad and not desolate

Ali is pure

If there’s one word for ali

Zhuoma wanted to use purity for the first time

This is because ali is pure in beauty

Just like the beginning of the world

It’s like the last piece of pure land in the world

Not troubled by a restless world

From the moment you set foot on this land

You’ll be amazed

In this world

It’s such a clean place

Without a trace of secularity

It’s like nature just created it

Blue sky, white clouds, meadows, streams…

Plus a few wild yaks running back and forth

A harmonious picture

There are many mountains here

It is the place where the Himalayas, the gangdese and other mountains meet

Known as the “father of all mountains”

The river never stops here

It is the birthplace of Brahmaputra, Indus and Ganges

Also known as “the source of all rivers”

It’s close to the sky and the clouds are low

Here the vast land, snow-capped mountains, lakes ethereal

Enter ali, as if the time to the flow of a million years

It’s like entering a prehistoric world

Ali is ancient

The xiangxiong civilization originated in ali, Tibet

It was brilliant before the seventh century

The whole qinghai-tibet plateau

A vast area covering parts of central and South Asia

It integrates many civilizations including central China, central Asia, South Asia and west Asia

And the political center of xiangxiong ancient country is in ali region

Xiangxiong writing, thangka, tianzhu, god dance,

Rituals and other cultural essence

It has profoundly influenced the history of Tibet

It has permeated the lives of the Tibetan people

It is the true source of Tibetan culture

1. Ruins of the capital of guge kingdom

Surrounded by towering and desolate earthen forests

The ruins of a ruined castle

Marks the passing of an ancient dynasty

In the wilderness

Silently telling history

Shining with the light of art

Give a person with sad aesthetic feeling

2. Tholing

The first group of key cultural relics under state protection

Zada county is located in torin town

It’s a famous old buddhist temple

It was founded in the early 11th century by prince isivo of guge

“Torin” has a history of nearly a thousand years

3. Piyang. Dongga grottoes temple ruins

Zada county in ali district

All are scattered with cave murals of different sizes

One of the most famous is piyang dongga cave site

Discovered so far in Tibet,

The largest buddhist ancient cave site

Known as China’s “second dunhuang” reputation

4. Qulong ruins

Qilong site is located on the north bank of lanqin zangbo,

Qu long village, daba township, zada county

Built in the middle of the 7th century during the tubo unification period

Tubo for one of the six shavings xiangxiong dongdai political center

The name of the site means “the habitat of dapeng”

The mountain is like a big bird with wings about to fly

5. soil and rock paintings

It is painted in the south and east of bangong lake basin

Within an area of two or three hundred square kilometres

They are distributed in ruzhiranga, ridge ditch, naburon,

Tarkangba, buxian, kangba zejiu,

There are 13 rock painting spots such as rimu dong, kuba and qugaer qiang

These petroglyphs are finished by tapping and chipping

It belongs to the early metal age before the tubo period

6. The ruins of the ritu sect

The ruins of the old castle

With the topography and build, large – scale, tall and majestic

Magnificent and magnificent, with a long history

If he had not suffered in all the wars

It can be compared with the potala palace in Lhasa

From today’s desolate ruins

Dimly can see the glory of the year

7. Caleb temple

Sakya monastery of Tibetan Buddhism

It is located in koga village, pollan county

It has a long history and enjoys a good reputation in the local area

Every year zada,

Believers from kars and other counties and Nepal came to worship

Ali is broad and not barren

Talk about how big ali is

You can’t imagine

Ali is vast and sparsely populated

It covers an area of 304,000 square kilometers

That’s the equivalent of 19 Beijing or 50 Shanghai

It’s a little bigger than the whole of Italy

But ali’s population density is extremely low

As of 2010,

Ali’s population is less than 100,000

Population density is only 0.27 people per square kilometer

It has always been considered an extremely desolate and isolated place

The average altitude here is more than 4500 meters above sea level

Rugged and changeable terrain and harsh natural conditions

A lot of people stop

But ali has beautiful scenery

This is a vast but not barren land

Why is ali so memorable

This is ali, I think

Unique magic

Did you move when you saw ali like this?