Some people say that,

Tibet in July and August belongs to tourists.

In fact, winter Tibet, is the real Tibet.

Xizang in winter, the cold and thin oxygen, so that countless visitors, and the beauty is not afraid of the cold hail.

Misty clouds, thousands of mountain twilight snow, dressed in red lamas, in the vast snow, staggering forward. Perhaps only the most determined can see the most beautiful scenery.

In winter, Tibet, on the sacred mountain with snow all the year round, there is no accident filled with deep feeling and melting snow; And the snow fairy’s tentacles, already extended to the broader land.

From the snow mountain with snow all year round, to the holy lake, to the small village at the foot of the mountain, to the small courtyard of the Tibetan family in the town… From the early winter of ali, naqu, to the deep winter of Lhasa, nyingchi……

The deeper the winter, the deeper the snow. When snow falls on every corner of Tibet, you will understand what is the real snow paradise.

A winter snow, is a feast of beauty carnival

It is said that an autumn rain is a cool, while Tibet in winter is a winter snow, a dream, a dream of mountains and snow, lakes and ice, wilderness and praise.

Xizang in winter, oxygen is thin, but has the most sunny weather in a year. As the sun slowly rises, the temperature rises. The cold ma pangyong was basked in a thin layer of fog…

The sacred mountain on which manabanyong nestles, whether it is kailash rinpoche or namunani, is still covered with snow, only the footprints on the snow are deeper.

You may have seen the beautiful namut cuo in summer, but may not have seen the frozen namut cuo in winter. The ice cracks on the lake give the illusion of reaching Lake Baikal.

And namtso, ba namtso lake fluttering colorful prayer flags, also want to this winter white, add a few bright colors.

Beautiful and clear yamdrok yong cuo, in the snow and ice deep blue charm.

The northern Tibet grassland in winter is covered by thick snow, and the sky and earth melt into a pure color. Even after the snow, the hill wants to pretend that it is a peak of snow all the year round.

Snow in the Tibetan hoh xil, there is a comfortable quality in the heart of the spread.

Sheep prowled in the snow, yaks braved the cold through thick snow, lone wolves prowled in the wild, and bobcats sat in the snow with sly smiles…

From ancient glaciers, huge boulders still tell the story of glaciers.

The snow is heavy at night, and Tibet under the stars is just as beautiful as the fairy tale world.

Xizang in winter, snow-capped mountains, thousands of miles of frozen lake, dazzling blue sky, dazzling white clouds…… Everything was like a dream, yet it was not a dream.

These are the real beauty of Tibet

See Tibet wrong life, from now on heaven is a passer-by