Northern Xinjiang is the northern part of Xinjiang. In the eyes of Xinjiang, southern Xinjiang and Northern Xinjiang are completely different.

There are some people in the fairyland Kanas Lake, the paradise Hemu Village, the grassland pearls, the wood lake, the beautiful grassland Gongnaisi, the colorful beaches, the forbidden land Wuerhe… the travel you want, here.











If you want to go to Northern Xinjiang twice in your life, then it is in the golden autumn, and the other is in the summer!

Next month, the snow in Xinjiang Tianshan begins to melt, and a stunning picture is flowing! In the northern part of June, there are thousands of styles, and the beauty is not like the world!

If you missed the northern Xinjiang in June
Then you missed the beauty of the whole of China.

Going to northern Xinjiang in June
Blossom into the sea, miss the disaster

Northern Xinjiang has the longest sunshine hours in summer, and Tianshan safflower, lavender, rapeseed and wildflowers are all in full bloom, enough to make you dizzy.












The sea of ​​Huali Lake in Xinjiang is boundless, the snow-capped mountains are magnificent, the grass is green, the scenery is picturesque, the golden buttercup flower-like orange belt surrounds the lakeside, and the occasional perilla flower also becomes very beautiful.

The flowers should follow the blue waters under the snow-capped mountains, and all the elements are like beautiful pictures carefully arranged by God.











Every year in May and June, from the Huocheng County, Yining County, the Musi Township of Nilek, and the Keketai Town of Xinyuan County, the wild poppies blossomed like a fire.

The bright red flowers are overwhelming and spread to the distance, such as the red clouds and the sky, forming the ocean of flowers.










Huocheng is the third largest lavender planting base in the world after Provence in France and Furano in Japan. It has the reputation of “Hometown of Lavender in China”.

Purple symbolizes romance, and the purple flowers of the pieces are full of excitement. The large lavender is like a deep purple wave undulating, merging into a dream of awakened earth. In the square, it is shrouded in the fragrant fragrance of lavender.











Because the Zhaosu grassland is open and the climate is more suitable for planting rapeseed, the endless rapeseed has become a beautiful scenery of Zhaosu, and it is interspersed with perilla flowers to form a strong color contrast.

On the vast green background, large pieces of yellow rapeseed and sunflower flowers are embedded in it, as if it were a huge oil painting on the sky. It is the largest rapeseed field in the country, and there are still snowy mountains in the distance.











Going to northern Xinjiang in June
Horse racing on the grassland

In the northern Xinjiang grassland in June, under the snow-capped mountains, the beautifully lined, isolated grassland villages, everything is not as beautiful as the world!











Joan Kush, in the Kazakh language, means “big platform.” The Qiongkusi sloping gully is quite masculine in the grassland. There are countless gullies in the platform, and the calm grassland is like the waves rising in the sea.

Here you can see the blue sky, the white clouds, the white clouds below the silver snow mountains, the dark green cedar forest, the light blue grassland and the colorful flower sea. The colors are distinct and the colors are harmonious, forming a natural picture.











It is the only way for many hikers. From May to September, all kinds of wild flowers bloom all over the mountains, put their feet on the grassland, and put their eyes in heaven.

The shepherd is here to drive the flock, perhaps at this moment, quietly waiting for a sunset is the most romantic thing.











The Bayinbulak Prairie is the largest alpine grassland in China. It is a paradise under the embrace of the snow-capped mountains in the Tianshan Basin.

The water and grass are abundant and the scenery is beautiful. The most famous on the grassland is the Kaidu River and the elegant and charming Swan Lake.











The grassland here has a flannel-like texture and a naturally formed gully. It also reveals a enchanting form in the light and shade, especially the low hills have no sharp edges and steep edges, and they look far away. Smooth, some of the hills and pearls run the jade round, making people think.

The mountains are green, dotted with beautiful flowers, and the cattle and sheep are in groups. The picture is just thinking about it, and I can’t help but move my mind. The heart is far away.

Going to northern Xinjiang in June
Visit the most beautiful “scars” on the planet

Under the influence of the crustal movement, there are gorges on the earth, the mountains or the mountains and rivers blending together, or the ingenious work, fascinated by the number of visitors.











In the upper reaches of the Kuitun River where the snow and ice melted in the Tianshan Mountains, there is a canyon-like valley like a sculpture. The mountain valley is nearly 20 kilometers long. The nine songs are ups and downs, and the stone cliffs are dangerous.

After hundreds of years of roaring and rushing of the river and the erosion of the rain and the erosion of snow and snow, a thrilling picture of natural history has emerged on the cliffs of the two sides, creating an amazing water erosion spectacle. This is the Grand Canyon of Kuitun River.