Spring is the beginning of life
Spring blossoms, everything recovers
Everything wakes up from sleep
Including Jiuzhaigou, which has been quiet for a long time.
For a long time
You must also miss her very much!

Just before
Jiuzhaigou officially released a video
She has been quiet for a year
The first time all-round appearance in front of us
From the white from the east to the sunset
Every moment of Jiuzhaigou is still beautiful!


We have been missing, the spring of Jiuzhai

Snowy peaks
First sight of the new green forest
In the snow, it looks more stand-up
Shooting the snow on the eve
Like the thoughts left in winter
But that can’t cover the new green
Whispered that spring has arrived

Jiuzhai in spring
Spring snow melts, spring water, spring buds
Chunhuayan, spring snow abuse, everything
She is like a tender girl
Without a word, silently beautiful

Heavenly Yaochi, the world of Jiuzhai
One year long
It’s warm, the wind is soft, spring is coming.
Should you return?

We have been missing the summer of Jiuzhai

What is the age?
Maybe I have seen the Jiuzhai in the early summer.

Jiuzhai in the early summer is like Yaochi Wonderland
There is no end to the Wanshan Pinnacle
Endless greenery
It’s a passionate, unrestrained
You don’t have to decorate the natural beauty with the hues of purple

It’s true that Jiuzhai’s return does not look at the water.
I have never seen more beautiful water than Jiuzhai in summer.
As if no matter how many cockroaches can’t disturb her
Long flowing, He babbled
No need to p color
It’s so beautiful when you take it
Turning off the filter is still the same.

We have been missing, the autumn of Jiuzhai

Only seen in the fall
Jiuzhaigou is so beautiful, so warm
Autumn in the forest
Missed tourists like weaving
Only the Tsuihai stacked waterfall, Yaochi clear water
The wonders of the “six musts” in Jiuzhaigou

The light blue lake is quiet and incomparable
Long clear blue sky
Colorful leaves, colorful forest
Qingshan is not talking, flowing water
Clouds, like a fairyland

Jiuzhai is not as strong as Kanas.
But it has a unique charm
Everything has its own beauty
It’s fascinating


We have been missing the winter of Jiuzhai

Jiuzhaigou became a paradise
I can feel its unique beauty across the screen.

Snow wrapped in mountains, ice waterfalls like jade
The blue sky echoes the pure white snow
Pure and fantasy coexist
Compared with the special effects in the movie, it is not inferior.

There are no tourists coming in abundance
It seems more fluttering
Like a world of fairy tales that fell in the world
Really missed too much.

a place called “paradise on earth”
An international nature conservation expert who traveled the world once described it as:
“Seeing her is the greatest honor in my life.”
Although the earthquake has caused great damage to Jiuzhaigou
But we have reason to believe
There will be good news coming in the near future.