Wind, flowers, snow and moon, the south of the clouds, all the year round is beautiful, spring and march is the most unique.

Dali good scenery in March, spring beautiful, flowering season just the right, red cherry blossom, green daiwa.

The most happy march to Dali, the best to find the world a thousand colors, and then two months, Dali will become a beautiful fairyland

There is a kind of powder called cherry blossom powder, at the foot of cangshan mountain, facing erhai lake, Dali university in March, has already blossomed into a sea, cherry blossoms spread all over the campus.

The rippling green color sets off the rosy clouds of cherry blossoms. Walking into the cherry blossom forest, the trees are full of cloud cherry blossoms.

Shuttle between, or take photos, or walk, or chase play, spring is coming, let a person infatuated.

Strolling in the “university in the mountains and rivers”, encountering a pink cherry blossom rain, enjoying the fleeting pink feast, is definitely a serious matter to Dali in March.

There is a kind of blue called erhai lake blue. There are a thousand reasons for thousands of people to go to erhai lake.

Dali, there is a kind of blue called erhai blue, facing erhai, everywhere blue, blue to complete, blue to the sky!

To erhai lake, just waste time, beautiful spring day, blowing warm wind, listening to music, around the lake, can not see the beauty of erhai.

No matter how many times I have been here, I still expect to meet the blue of erhai lake. On a warm afternoon, I sit by erhai lake, watching the water, the mountains, the wind and the grass move, watching the clouds roll…

There is a kind of green called rural green, has seen the Dali flowers and snow moon, you can go xizhou, live a quiet rural life.

Surrounded by erhai lake in the east and cangshan mountain in the west, xizhou town has the most preserved and best bai residential buildings, which is the most suitable town for strolling by erhai lake.

Quiet xizhou ancient town, white wall gray tile of deep house courtyard, each wall top flowers brocade, like a simple and elegant ink painting, dotted with some spring.

Located in xizhou, with sifang street as the center, the antique fuchunli, caiyun street and dyeing lane are scattered at random, and the delicious honey and snow and xizhou baba are even more tempting.

“Zhihui bustling, but secluded”, here is your longing for the rural life.

There is a yellow rape yellow, have not seen the rape flower, as if this spring is not complete, in Dali, also never lack of that piece of yellow flower sea.

In the fields of Dali, at the foot of cangshan mountain and beside the lake of erhai lake, you can always encounter fields of yellow rape flowers.

On the road around the lake, the snow on the cangshan is sparse, the rape flowers by erhai lake are too golden, all the way the spring flowers are in full bloom, green vegetables such as wild.

There is a kind of street called march street, “a thousand years to drive a street, a street to drive a thousand years”, Dali march street is a traditional bai grand festival, also is the bai traditional folk material exchange and entertainment event, is the most ancient trade market in western yunnan.

During the third month of the lunar calendar, the march street, which lasts for several days, makes Dali bustling. Horse racing, cycling around erhai lake, food tasting… All kinds of characteristic activities are showing bai nationality customs everywhere.

There is a south called color yunnan, the south of colorful clouds, butterfly spring side, Dali never lack to let you fall in love with the beautiful scenery, in this spring in March, more should go to a romantic about.

Bearing the historical culture of Dali, full of ethnic customs of the old city of Dali, no matter when you come, there are always different scenery to fascinate you!

When you step into the unknown villages beside erhai lake, you will surely encounter many beautiful scenes that surprise you.

Also go to shaxi ancient town to have a look, in this “tea and horse ancient road on the only surviving ancient market”, feel despite the outside world traffic noisy gongs and drums, it protect this side of the ancient……

Romantic, idyllic life, quiet town, lively event… There is always the Dali you like.

Wait until march, flowers, spring, and you, go to Dali.