After every auspicious day, after burning the mulberry tree, tibetans read prayers and add stones to the lamaist stone to form the lamaist stone. They touch it with their foreheads with great piety.

Just as there is no road in the world, so it becomes a road when there are many travelers. With more people added to the lamaist wall and lamaism, they can be seen everywhere in Tibetan areas, which is another effective dissemination of faith.

In most mountain passes, intersections and temples in Tibet, colorful prayer flags, commonly known as fengma flags, can be seen as a bridge between the earthly world and the spiritual world.

No matter how strong the wind, hanging in the height of the prayer flag is blowing a careless sound, but people feel that there is a force through the body directly into the heart, involuntarily quiet.

The thangka, which passes through the blessing, is a temple to carry with you.

It is said that the first tangka painting in xizang was a belam of songtsen gambo painted with his own blood. Although the authenticity of this legend could not be verified, it can be concluded from the records of sakyamuni Buddha that tangka art arose in the period of songtsen gambo.

Thangka is generally painted on paper or cloth, and then mounted with satin, the layout dense and shulang, bright colors or quiet. Generally speaking, buddhist chanting and blessing are required by the lama, and there is also the cinnabar handprint of the lama on the back. Therefore, thangka is the most representative of Tibetan Buddhism and the inevitable product of the development of Tibetan Buddhism.

Therefore, before going to Tibet, we must absorb buddhist knowledge in advance.

But not everyone is the same, and there are many christians and others around, and of course I have friends who have said to me, “I’m a godless, I don’t believe in anything.

I think faith is not a popular denomination, I am a devout person to the Buddha, but also I will go to church on Christmas Eve, I do not believe that the so-called burn incense worship Buddha can protect life peace, a lot of things need a scientific system to arrange, rather than ignorant prayer.

However, before entering Tibet, no matter the scenery or culture, they all tell us the local customs and customs. We should respect and integrate into them more quickly. We must absorb buddhist knowledge in advance to better understand the beautiful and mysterious Tibet.