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Tibet free trip, visit the fairyland Brahmaputra grand canyon

Listen to senior travelers say that lu lang linhai toxic, to the soul will not bring back

If you don’t go to NaYi ditch when you come to Tibet, I think you are a little bit worse off in Tibet.

How beautiful is NaYi ditch? Poet wang xinjian tells you: “the stream is tranquil and the ancient village is in the mountains. Baiyun lianxue ling, rainbow shu hua tian. There are many birds in the woods, but few in the woods. Pure land rest dust, here is a peach garden.” NaYi ditch’s vision is one of appreciation.

After breakfast, head out to NaYi ditch, which the locals praise. The word “nanyi” means “wonderland” in Tibetan. It is easy to imagine NaYi ditch’s high status in a place full of beautiful scenery. I am eager to catch a glimpse of NaYi ditch.

NaYi ditch is located in nanyhoba ethnic township in mirin county, Tibet. It is located at the northern foot of the Himalayan mountains. It is 20 kilometers away from the county seat.

NaYi ditch is also known as the “valley of Tibetan medicine Kings” and the “small south of the Yangtze river”. Legend has it that the originator of Tibetan medicine once practiced medicine in this area, which is the birthplace of Tibetan medicine culture.

With an average altitude of 2,500 meters, the scenic spot is reputed as “China’s green peak-level forest bathing spot” and “the highest green secret on earth”. It is both a folk tourism spot of the lhoba ethnic group and an ecological tourism area.

My impression when I entered NaYi ditch was that the quiet valley was surrounded by moist air, lush primeval forest, and surrounded by mountains and clouds. A peaceful scene.

Pure primeval forest, be in among them relaxed and happy, and inside still can feel the feeling of jiangnan. Looking at the very high environmental requirements of the pine, hanging from the thick branches, like white hada fluttering in the wind, miaomans dance, you can imagine, here the air quality, absolutely not bad. A deep breath of air here, the whole person is relaxed, full of love…

Lush forests, wild flowers open, red, yellow, charming to drop, charming and inviting; Nanyi qu water in the valley rolling, spray crystal clear, white as jade. The big log by the roadside, lying quietly in the wild grass and flowers, telling the story of the old and the vicissitudes of life…

The tour guide told us that the most beautiful season in NaYi ditch was in the spring and autumn period. The peach blossom and cuckoo trees in the mountains in spring were all over the mountains, and the peach blossom in the ten miles of three generations was used to describe the spring here.

There are also many beautiful wildflowers, mushrooms trying to grow… cars only Everything is so vibrant, unconsciously my heart also began to change, no longer as before headstrong impulse, perhaps this is the purpose of Tibet!

On the way back, the driver played a local Tibetan song. Although I could not understand what it meant, I was still captured and intoxicated by the beautiful singing.