Although the snow in western Sichuan is not as thick as the snow in the northeast, it has more charm than the scenery of Xuexue Township. It can be played like a snowman and a snowman, and there is a magical sky to accompany you. Do not believe in enjoying a beautiful view!

In the scenic area of ​​Kangding Mugecuo, the scenery in winter is like a fairy tale in the world. It has a beautiful view of the winter scenery of Hailuogou. The thick snow on the ground is more beautiful than the snowy town!

Seda Buddha College is covered with white snow, and the snowy Seda is also a practice, feel the power of faith!

Daocheng Aden, the Gongga River on the Norwegian cattle farm has formed a thin layer of ice, and the milk sea and the five-color sea lake surface are also covered with a thin layer of ice.

The ice hot springs in Hailuogou, the romantic song of ice and fire, are the most deserted spots in western Sichuan.

A piece of whiteness outside the Erlang Mountain Tunnel, the romance of driving in the ice and snow, may only be so romantic on the road in western Sichuan.

The perspective mirror next to the road, the long string of ice sculptures on the branches, is really cool!

The scissors cut the mountain pass, known as the 18-bend of Tianlu, is a section of the road that must pass through the Daocheng Aden, standing on the observation deck and the entire road.

The beauty of the Duoshan section is the most winding winding road in western Sichuan, and the beauty is a mess.

In the winter, make a warm heart trip and enjoy a feast of ice and snow!